01/8Here's how to pull off streetwear this year

Here's how to pull off streetwear this year

Boxy and oversized suits were originally designed to look strong and powerful. These days there are real benefits to wearing one besides just looking cool. They are comfortable and allow for air circulation. It is also aesthetically pleasing in an unfussy kind of way. The garments are also made with fabric that give you a luxurious feel. Best of all, it will make you look more expensive.


02/8Black is back

Black is back

Black may be back, but the way to keep this colour modern is to be innovative. Find unique and bold ways that can make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Think tulle frocks or leather harnesses. You could also opt for asymmetrical little black dresses. Accessories this look with glitter and prints. The one big tip is don't be boring about it.


03/8Whimsy look for down-to-earth women

Whimsy look for down-to-earth women

A whimsical look doesn't have to be too out there. It can be subtle and sophisticated for you to wear on casual days. You could try tops with ruffles or puffed sleeves. Flowery prints all over a floor-length dress are also in style. Pair these items with flat shoes. Keep your hair loose and light. This look is all about no fuss with just a touch of fancy.


04/8Groovy looks

Groovy looks

The 60s and 70s-inspired groovy looks are taking over the Spring 2019 runways. You can spot these look at Etro and Paco Rabanne fashion shows. The look soon spilled onto the streets and has become a hot 2019 trend. Get on board the boho-chic style by sporting leather sandals, beaded necklaces and cool printed dress.




Long gone are the days when a pair of sweatpants meant just sitting in front of the TV for hours with a bag of popcorn. Over the years, big brands have transformed the comfortable pant into chic wear. Now you have tailored-fit styles that can make you look more slimming and stylish. While it's still a cosy item to wear, this loose-fitting pant comes in various patterns and colours you can look more dressed up in.


06/8Burberry checks

Burberry checks

Burberry is all about luxury and class and their iconic checks are a great way to add a little luxury to your style. Now, of course, we all can't afford the big brand, but it does offer inspiration on how to incorporate checks in your daily streetwear. Try a scarf or checkered jacket. They are striking pieces and will make you look more elegant.


07/8Chunky sneakers

Chunky sneakers

Huge names like Balenciaga and Nike are creating chunky sneakers in retro colours. Fashion influencers like Gigi Hadid are embracing the blocky silhouettes that have become a must-have. Surprisingly, even though they look heavy, they are actually light and comfortable to walk around in. You can wear these shoes to meet your girlfriends for coffee or even for work.




Go bold this year and try prints. The more print the better. 2019 is the year to experiment with bold prints and not just for special occasions. Forget floral and polka dots, try something daring that is a real stand out. You could try eclectic striped tees or a mix of weird prints on a tracksuit.