01/5Super comfy heels that will make you want to throw out your uncomfortable ones

Super comfy heels that will make you want to throw out your uncomfortable ones

Okay, let's be honest, we all love our heels but we also need to admit that they can prove to be a literal pain in our feet. They make the balls of your feet hurt like hell and can even make your back hurt if they're uncomfortable. But just because you want to look trendy doesn't mean you should give up on your health. That's why we've made a list of different types of heels that are not only trendy but super comfortable. In fact, they're so comfy that you'll want to throw out your old ones. So, take a look at these and invest wisely!

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02/5Ankle strap heels

Ankle strap heels

Block heels are amongst the most comfortable heels you'll ever. And the ankle strap type works best if you're looking for utmost comfort. Opt for something like this pair of block heels that has a cushiony interior to give you extra comfort while also looking super trendy on your feet.


03/5Pin heels

Pin heels

Want to go thin but can't opt for pumps? Opt for pin heels instead? Much like your pumps and stilettos, pin heels also feature a thin stand but they're a lot shorter than pencil heels. This makes them so much more comfortable because your feet aren't angled weirdly then.


04/5Platform heels

Platform heels

Platform heels are sort of like in-between pencil heels and block heels but are a lot more comfortable than they look. They're heightened which gives you the advantage of looking taller and they'll make you look rather chic without causing your feet any sort of pain or trauma.




Our personal favourite is wedge heels because they provide the maximum amount of comfort and support while also looking uber stylish. You'll never have a bad 'foot' day with these and you'll absolutely love how these will go perfectly with almost all your ensembles.