01/5These fabrics will ensure you look chic even with a downpour

These fabrics will ensure you look chic even with a downpour

Living in the city of Mumbai can teach you a thing or two about fashion. Thanks to the high stakes in terms of fashion and high possibility of rains during the monsoons, the stylish people in the city have figured out a way to keep looking fly in this unpredictable season. The key to finding the right kind of fabrics during monsoons are fabrics that dry out quickly. (Since wearing a raincoat all the time isn’t an option.) If you are new to the thunderous downpours, figuring out a good outfit can be confusing. Luckily, we have a list of monsoon-friendly fabrics right here for you. Read on, so you don’t compromise on style, this monsoon season.




Cotton is great fabric to grab on to during the monsoons. While they are guilty of getting wet soon, they dry up just as quickly. But, be careful of not picking a light coloured cotton outfit. They might just stain or get see through when they get wet.




Rayon textiles are smooth and slippery like silk, making them the most versatile fabric out there. Pick rayon trousers or kurtas during the monsoon. You will find a number of dark colours in the fabric. They are perfect during monsoon, because they dry out easily.




Polyester may be difficult to breathe into, but are perfect for the monsoons because of their airy finish. You will find a ton of breezy tops, shirts or kurtas in polyester. But be mindful of body odour when you wear these. Polyester tends to trap the sweat and make you stick. So, go hard on that deodorant.




For that Bollywood inspired monsoon look, go for crepe. A colourful dress in crepe with strappy monsoon sandals will give you all that flare and flounce without weighing you down.