01/4​The iconic top knot

​The iconic top knot

Audrey Hepburn started it, but the casual top knot became the 'cool-girl’s' hairstyle somewhere near 2013, especially when some of the chicest bloggers gave it a nod of approval. The knot either sleek or voluminous enhances the definition of one's facial features.


02/4​Full brows

​Full brows

Back in the ’90s, people plucked and plucked to get those thin, barely-there brows. But, the beauty world took a U-turn towards a more natural finish with big, bushy Brook Sheilds brows. And now thick arches are on everybody’s wishlist.


03/4​Lash drama

​Lash drama

The ’90s saw the birth of colored mascara, in its blue, green, and purple glory. Then, hair mascaras happened, adding rainbow streaks to strands. More recently, professional lash extensions have become all the rage, and the new breed of false lashes look pretty natural!


04/4The Kim K contour

The Kim K contour

In 2009, right before Instagram happened, Kim Kardashian posted her contouring selfies on Facebook and they went viral! This was the very beginning of the contouring trend, and KK taught us that anyone can doodle on some jawline or cheekbones (or both)!