01/5Drape your saree with a twist! Here's how!

Drape your saree with a twist! Here's how!

Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s awesome bod has always served up the much-needed fitness inspiration we all need. But it is her awesome bod, that has led her to taking fashion risks and serving us up with style inspiration as well. One look at the actress’ social media and anyone can tell she is smitten silly by the nine-yards. But what’s truly noteworthy is that Shilpa doesn’t restrict herself to the regular saree drape. She constantly reinvented herself by picking unique weaves and styling them in a unique way. If you looking for a change in pace while draping your saree, read on! You’re in for a treat


02/5Dhoti Saree

Dhoti Saree

The Dhoti Saree is draped in a manner that leaves room for your legs to move on their own – it’s perfect for days when you want to create a style statement and move around all at the same time. Shilpa utilized the embroidered saree border by draping it over her shoulders and legs. She added some much-needed structure and sophistication with a complementing belt and heels


03/5The Butterfly Drape

The Butterfly Drape

The butterfly drape is specifically targeted to make you look slimmer. It has a way of complementing all body shapes – but it particularly shines on the taller frame. Shilpa has used to this to her advantage to the max over here with an oxblood ruffled saree. With traditional jewelry and a modish hairdo, the actress looks like a modern-day goddess.


04/5The Neo Drape

The Neo Drape

The Neo drape saree is basically the new age saree couture designers have come up with for women who don’t know how to drape one. These neo sarees are pre-stitched. So all you have to do is just slip into it. Shilpa’s pristine white saree above has all the grace of the saree, minus all the discomfort!


05/5The Lehenga Drape

The Lehenga Drape

The Lehenga Drape is actually a dupatta draped over a lehenga – that way you get all the flare of the lehenga and the grace of the saree. Shilpa’s salmon-pink saree here is absolutely glorious. However, it’s the unique drape that made the look stand out!