01/8All the essentials you should carry on your Goa trip!

All the essentials you should carry on your Goa trip!

So, your Goa trip is finally happening and we're sure you're super excited to head there with your besties. Goa is that one place where you can opt for a quick getaway every time you want something calm, serene and beautiful. If you live in Mumbai then it's the easiest place to head to and you have so many options to choose from once you get there. From beaches to amazing seafood and even parties, Goa is the best place to have a vacay with your BFFs. So, now that you're finally heading there, here are some essentials you need to pack for your trip to Goa. Scroll on below to see what they are.




What vacation is complete without a pair of trendy sunglasses? And seeing as how you're heading to the land of sunny views and beaches, carrying sunglasses is a must. It'll help keep the sun out of your eyes while also making you look super cool.




You could just carry a pair of flip-flops with you since you'll be heading to the beach but trust us when we say, there's nothing that can beat a pair of crocs. Make sure that you invest in a good pair and you'll feel super comfy all day long.


04/8Chunky jewellery

Chunky jewellery

Let's be honest, you're going to be dressed up in super basic clothes while you're in Goa. So, if you want to amp up your look, we suggest you carry some chunky jewellery along. Try to carry jewellery that isn't too heavy but is also good enough to don anywhere from your parties to the beach.




If you're someone who feels awkward when you don a swimsuit then let us just tell you that you need to shed those inhibitions and rock your beach body. Goa has tourists from all over the world so you'll fit right in with your bikini or monokini. Plus, where else can you really even wear it so why not just wear it here now that you have the chance.




Goa is the place where you can rock some amazing dresses and midis. Long-flowy dresses and maxis will be perfect for the weather in Goa. Try to opt for cotton dresses as the material will help you breathe and will keep you feeling comfy throughout the day.




Shorts should be at the top of your priority list when you're heading to Goa because - one: you'll be going to the beach and need to be comfortable, two: it's going to be super humid so you need to wear something that doesn't cling to your body and three: you'll mostly be travelling on scooters so shorts are the best option for you.


08/8Hats and scarves

Hats and scarves

As we mentioned earlier, Goa is going to be super humid and how. So, if you want to avoid getting the sun in your eyes then we suggest you keep a bunch of scarves and a hat in your luggage so that you can rest easy wherever you go. Plus, scarves make for a rather cute accessory so that's a bonus.