01/6Unique Pink manicure ideas for your V-day!

Unique Pink manicure ideas for your V-day!

Valentine’s is just around the corner and what pairs the best with heart-shaped chocolate boxes, red rose bouquets, a teddy bear, a bottle of wine and an adorable V-day outfit? Valentine’s nail manicures of course! How else are you supposed to properly ‘gram gifts from your S.O. or friends? Here is our recommended list of Valentine’s nail art favourites to save you from any last moment manicure ideation disasters:


02/6Hearts of Glass

Hearts of Glass

Who can ever forget something interesting and dynamic for acrylic lovers out there? The nail world recognizes the precious symbolism of hearts during this time of the year and couldn’t help but integrate the same into the recommended nail art too. A single clear nail covered in hearts is definitely #nailgoals for this Valentines season!


03/6Simply Ombré

Simply Ombré

Ombrés have always taken the fashion and beauty world by storm. Now it’s time for the nail world to follow this subtle holiday-themed trend. Fade your nails from light pink to dark beige with a silver lining to execute a cute yet chic manicure for this Valentine.


04/6Musical Muse

Musical Muse

Upgrade a French tip with a pink base and musical notes for your muse. Manifest a favourite mixtape or a shared Spotify playlist with your beau of some of your most memorable songs through nail art. Thoughtfully replicate those notes by painting them in an exotic pretty-in-pink shade on your nails!


05/6Glitter Glam

Glitter Glam

Let the glitz and glamour from the holidays spill over into 2020! Brighten your day and tips with a soft pink millennial base amplified further by a glittery accent for perfection. Ditch the classic French manicure and switch it up instead with this loud glitter bomb glam shimmer this time.


06/6​​​Polka-dot fun

​​​Polka-dot fun

Nothing screams Vintage magic like a classic polka-dots manicure in girly pink. Manicures in flirty hot pink shade with red or magenta polka-dot references will still look cool a week after Valentine’s. This quirky manicure is quite easy to recreate as well with a few advanced nail tools.