01/6Here are a few tips to stay in style this summer

Here are a few tips to stay in style this summer

Summer is a time for fresh looks and a new wardrobe. It might come with its fair share of issues that can wreak havoc on our skin and hair, but that doesn't mean you can't look fabulous. Once you've got yourself the right skin and hair care products for the weather, it's time to shift your focus on your style. This time of year can come with a whole lot of trends, from bags to fabrics. But to get through it in style all you need are a few basic pointers and you are set. Here are a few simple ways you can looks fabulous this summer.


02/6Summer sandals

Summer sandals

There's no better time like summer to allow your feet to breathe and shine in pretty ways. Striking and colourful nail art is in and the best way to show them off is by wearing unique sandals. Plus, these shoes are super comfortable. Opt for summer sandals in bold colours with a funky pattern.


03/6Wear white

Wear white

White is one shade that is light and screams breezy. It's not only perfect for the weather, but it is also super versatile. You can match the hue with any colour. Go wild with the colour combinations. Just keep it looking fresh and show off your personality. Think outside the box for this one. You could even opt for while jewellery and other accessories like your bag in white. A fabulous all-white outfit would be the perfect number to wear to a grand occasion in the summertime.


04/6Big floppy hats

Big floppy hats

If there was ever an appropriate time to wear big floppy hats, now is the time to do it. You'll definitely look like a fashionista with this item on. Not only will you look super chic with this hat, but it will also protect you from the sun. Hats with a patterned ribbon offer a feminine touch. However, if you want something really elegant and sophisticated, opt for a raffia hat in neutral shades.


05/6Summer scarves

Summer scarves

Scarves aren't just for the cold season. Light and breezy fabrics can give even the most basic summer outfit an upgrade. Depending on the size of the scarf, you can wear it in so many ways. A really long one can be transformed into a sarong that is perfect for the beach. When picking a scarf for this weather, make sure the fabric is breathable and the print is fun and quirky.


06/6Summer accessories

Summer accessories

Heavy, chunky jewellery has its place in fashion, but it can be uncomfortable to wear in the heat. Avoid pieces that are made with metal as it might end up burning your skin. Opt for a bohemian style jewellery pieces made with wood or thread. With these items and your summer outfit, you are sure to give out that cool girl vibe. Tassel jewelry is having a big moment in fashion right now. You can find subtle ways to incorporate it into your look, even for the office.