01/5This method of cleaning suede shoes ensures no damage

This method of cleaning suede shoes ensures no damage

Say what you want, but there is nothing else can bring out elegance in an outfit than a pair of extravagant suede shoes. And like most extravagant buys, suede shoes are also a tad impractical, especially when it comes to maintaining them. The list of don’ts is longer than the list of do’s. But the right pair of suede shoes can also be versatile, classy and sartorially strong. Much like your relationship with your boo, your pair of suedes also deserve some love and care, in the form of a proper cleaning method. So if you’re wondering how to clean them out, without damaging them, here’s a step by step guide.


02/5Start with a suede brush

Start with a suede brush

In case you don’t have a suede brush, pick clean tooth brush as a replacement. Begin by giving light to the surface of the shoe to remove any loose particles or grit. While brushing off grit, remember to brush along the direction it is naturally sitting on. If the marks are too stubborn, apply more pressure and move the brush back and forth. In case of wet dirt, wipe it out and let it dry.


03/5Next up, eraser

Next up, eraser

While a pencil eraser also works in this step, a suede rubber or eraser would be ideal. Ensure that the eraser is free of pre-existing stains. This is a slightly more rigorous method of scrubbing off the dirt and grime. Give back and forth pressure to help dislodge any surplus particles.


04/5White vinegar to the rescue

White vinegar to the rescue

If the marks are far too stubborn, use white vinegar for those. Dip, not drench a cloth in white vinegar and rub in back and forth motions to break down a stain. The acidic nature will help in breaking down the dust particles. Apply more white vinegar if necessary.


05/5Finishing touch

Finishing touch

Because prevention is better than cure, you gotta protect the masterpiece you just saved. Besides, suede products are often prone to colour change over time. To avoid a situation like this, spray on a suede protecting spray, generously.