01/5Alia Bhatt's sunglasses game is way too strong!

Alia Bhatt's sunglasses game is way too strong!

Sunglasses have become a massive trend across the world now. The main motif of a sun-glass was to protect the eyes from the sun. But eventually with the growing fashion industry, it only got evolved into many more styles and designs with popping colours as well as transparent frames. It didn't take long for our Bollywood celebrities to pick this trend and make many more people take notes on how to style your outfits with classy and chic sunglasses. And if there's one actress who rightly does so with anything and everything that she wears, it has to be Alia Bhatt. She has a collection of sunglasses all of us would want to own. So here, take notes!


02/5Cat eyes

Cat eyes

Cat eyes has been the evergreen sunglasses style since a while now and nothing can go wrong with how they make your face look. Just own the look and that's all you need to make it work for you. Pick a bright coloured one that can go well with any outfit and you're good to go.




On days when you have to match your outfit with your sunglasses, opt for the clouts. They're so in right now! Of course you need to pick your colour right and probably choose the one that looks bright on your face and is catchy enough to be noticed.




You have to be bold enough to pull off a pair of shield sunglasses and Alia is doing just that with her tinted ones. Posing perfectly with the macho man Ranveer Singh, this gorgeous woman has styled her sunglasses all too well. There are just so many shapes and designs you can experiment with when it comes to shield sunglasses.


05/5Nude frames

Nude frames

Every person must own a pair of nude-framed sunglasses for times when you don't know which sunglasses to pick to match your outfit. These nude frames work wonders, specially if you pick the right shape for your face.