01/5Summers are not just for comfort dressing

Summers are not just for comfort dressing

Summers in a tropical country are an absolute bane. In fact it’s so hot and unbearable in summers, that we when the people from West talk about going out in sun to ‘enjoy’ summers, we may snort and laugh in private truth. The rising temperatures make the simplest things tough. Naturally, dressing for style is a situation that’s completely out of the window. But it doesn’t always have to be. Summers can be stylish too, and no, you don’t always have to wear shorts. Choosing natural weaves of clothes is just the starter. Linen over nylon is the thumb rule. But that’s not all. Ahead are some age old rules even celebrities look back to for acing summer fashion.


02/5Prima White

Prima White

White, not only looks impeccable and chic, it’s the most breathable colour in the entire colour spectrum. Take notes from Kiara Advani and pick an all-white head to toe, salwar suit as she stepped out in the scorching heat. Not only does she look fresh, she also looks super chic!


03/5Sunglasses On Point

Sunglasses On Point

Sunglasses are a staple for Karisma’s everyday look. We love that she picks the biggest and chunkies pair of sunnies. Not only do they do a thorough job of protecting your eyes and skin, they even make the most basic outfit look not so basic. Case in point, Karisma Kapoor


04/5Maxi-mise the fun

Maxi-mise the fun

When the heat gets unbearable, you don’t want to bothered with pants. Maxi dresses are a great replacement. They are easy to slip into, leave the same amount of skin exposed (just in case you are in a conservative area) and super chic. Take cues from Sonam’s embellished Sabyasachi maxi dress for glamming up in the heat.


05/5Sandal season

Sandal season

Your feet are the most tortured and least pampered part of your body and this sucks, especially when you’re standing tall on them. Don’t torture your feet any further by smushing them a closed feet shoe. Let it breathe. We love how Sonakshi Sinha has been only seen in strappy sandals in summers this year.