01/5Here's which eyeliner style will suit your face

Here's which eyeliner style will suit your face

Face Shape: Oval: People with oval shaped faces are lucky because of the perfect symmetry they have. If you're blessed with such a face shape you can pull off pretty much any look. But on the days you don't want to look too dramatic you can just opt to use some liner on the outer half of your lower lashline. It'll give perfect emphasis to your face. Try the Plum NaturStudio All-Day Wear Kohl Kajal.


02/5Face Shape: Round

Face Shape: Round

The length of your face is almost the same as the width. So with your face type, the trick is to add some drama to the eyes. Firstly make sure that your eyebrows look neat because they'll really help frame your face. Then opt for a thick winged liner or a smokey eyed look with a winged liner. Trust us, you'll have all eyes on you.


03/5Face Shape: Square

Face Shape: Square

A strong and angular forehead and jaw make up your face; so again, you have the type of face which has the same length as well as width. You need to soften the angles of your face and opt for a feminine look. So, you can line both the upper and lower lash lines but make sure to use a Q-tip or a brush to soften them up. Then opt for a heavy coat of mascara to bring an oomph factor to your eyes.


04/5Face Shape: Oblong

Face Shape: Oblong

Since an oblong face is longer than it is wide, your forehead, cheekbones and jawline will be of relatively the same width. Since your face is long you should opt for something bold to take the attention away from that. Opt for bold eyeshadow colours. You can even easily don the cat-eye liner. Try to make the lines precise though.


05/5Face Shape: Diamond

Face Shape: Diamond

Wide cheekbones and narrow forehead and chin make up the characteristics of the diamond shaped face. You need to make your forehead look broader so you should opt for widely done eyebrows and dramatic eyes. Opt for a winged eyeliner or an Arabic style eyeliner. Trust us, you'll end up looking super glam.