01/5Here's how you can cover up a deep neckline

Here's how you can cover up a deep neckline

Sew In Lace Inserts: This is quite easy to do. Just sew in lace inserts with a V or low-cut neckline and make sure that you keep the stitches limited to simple tucks so that you can take the lace off if required. The insert will give you a super chic look and will also provide some coverage.


02/5Wear It With A Tee

Wear It With A Tee

This one will work really well with a plunging slip dress. Opt for this 90's trend by teaming your dress with a basic fitted cropped tee. You can team it with different tees to get different looks. And if you want something more casual just team your attire with a pair of sneakers.


03/5Get Those Accessories Out

Get Those Accessories Out

This is the easiest way to add some panache to your look and while also working on covering up that cleavage. Bring out your heavy junk jewellery and pair it with those low-neck tops and dresses. It'll surely give you that oh-so-chic vibe.


04/5Get Those Pretty Bralettes Out

Get Those Pretty Bralettes Out

Girls, it’s time to bring out those strappy bras and pretty bralettes. You can team a strappy bra with a low-cut top to get that casual yet sexy vibe. And you can opt for a bralette to team with your dress as that will exude a chic vibe that'll be perfect for your look.


05/5Opt for a sheer upper

Opt for a sheer upper

Invest in some sheer tops that you can throw on with some plunging tops and dresses. They'll add a certain class to your look. Polka dots and embroidered sheer tops look really good and work really well with deep necklines. Trust us, you'll grab eyeballs wherever you go.