01/5High-neck blouse designs that are sure to grab eyeballs

High-neck blouse designs that are sure to grab eyeballs

We might love our chic, casual and trendy clothes but let's be honest when it comes to opting for traditional ensembles, most of us have a soft corner for sarees. There's just something about a saree that makes the woman wearing it look beautiful and irresistible. But if there's one thing that can make or break a saree look, it has to be the blouse you team it with. And if we're being honest, we've been spotting the high-neck blouse trend take over for quite some time now. So, if you're looking for inspiration, here are some high-neck blouse ideas you'll absolutely adore.


02/5Intricate all over

Intricate all over

If you've got a sheer, light-hued saree, then your blouse needs to be able to grab attention. Opt for something with deep, intricate embroideries all-over. Not only will it add that much-needed glam factor to your look but it'll also team perfectly with your saree.


03/5Statement sleeves

Statement sleeves

If you want something simple when it comes to your blouse then one thing that can help make a difference is the sleeve. Whether it's frills or balloon sleeves, it can totally help you make a statement. And it'll instantly amp up your look too, without having to make much of an effort.


04/5Tie-up details

Tie-up details

Blouses with a high-neck upfront and a tie-up detail on the behind can give you an elegant yet sultry look. You could opt for a backless blouse that also features a high-neck and you'll see just how great it can work for you. Do make sure to drape your saree in a way that your back is visible.


05/5The solid colour

The solid colour

If your saree has beautiful prints all over and is statement worthy on its own, then it would be best to team it with a blouse in a solid colour. This will help your saree do all the talking while the blouse will complement it perfectly in the backdrop.