01/5Styling tips to help you include party attires in your daily wear

Styling tips to help you include party attires in your daily wear

We've all had an entire drawer full of party attires that we've worn like five times. It isn't that we don't want to wear them regularly, it's just that they might end up looking a little too OTT for daily use, right? Well, what if we told you that there are ways in which you can style your party attires so that you can wear them on a daily basis? Don't believe us? Scroll on below to take a look for yourself. Now, you can easily style these attires and don them to work, for brunch and pretty much anywhere else you want.


02/5Layer with a jacket or blazer

Layer with a jacket or blazer

If you've got tons of cami tops, sultry dresses and lace ensembles, one way you can make them look not so hot and chic instead is by throwing on a jacket or a blazer. It'll instantly add some much-needed balance to your look and will give you that aura of sophistication.


03/5Wear your dress with stockings/jeans

Wear your dress with stockings/jeans

Do something different with your dresses. If you're unsure of how you can carry off a dress at your workplace, team it with a pair of stockings or jeans. Not only will it give you a super trendy look while also keeping you comfy, but it'll also look appropriate to don at the workplace.


04/5Wear tees underneath party dresses

Wear tees underneath party dresses

If you're not super into layering your dress with a jacket, then take the other route and wear a tee underneath your dress instead. You could don a white tee underneath your lace dress to give it that super trendy look. Throw in a pair of boots and you should be good to go.


05/5Style your dress as a skirt

Style your dress as a skirt

One thing you can do with a stylish dress is to style it as a skirt instead. All you have to do is don a tee or a top above your dress and voila! You'll have the perfect casual ensemble and no one will be the wiser. You could even cinch a belt at your waist to add some drama to the look.