01/10Wearing sleeveless? Use these tips to make your arms look slimmer

Wearing sleeveless? Use these tips to make your arms look slimmer

Wear the right bra size: It's no secret how uncomfortable an ill-fitting bra can make you feel. To add to that discomfort, if you're wearing the wrong size, it might cause side bulges and now that will just look bad on you, won't it? So, make sure that you're wearing the right bra size especially when you're going sleeveless.


02/10Try out boxy shapes

Try out boxy shapes

Yes, we all know that you think wearing something loose might make you look fatter but honestly, that just isn't the case with boxy shaped attires. Since they happen to be broad and structured overall, they can actually give your arms a slimmer appearance. Try out some boxy tops and tees to see whether they work for you.


03/10Try butterfly sleeves

Try butterfly sleeves

Butterfly sleeves are sleeves that are so short that they can pretty much pass off as sleeveless. The idea behind them is that they end up covering your shoulders and the very top of your arms so this way they end up hiding the problem areas and will help make your arms look slimmer.


04/10Workout before heading out

Workout before heading out

Yes, as absurd as it sounds, a last minute workout might just come in handy. Do some wall push-ups or pull-ups if you can and this will increase blood flow to your arms. This way they'll look more toned than they actually are.


05/10Thin accessories can help

Thin accessories can help

Chunky straps and heavy bracelets should be a big no-no when you're opting for a sleeveless attire. They can make your arms look broader by giving them a shorter appearance. Instead, opt for something sleek and thin that will help exude a chic vibe to your look. Thin accessories help give the appearance of sleeker arms.


06/10Ensure you're wearing the right strap

Ensure you're wearing the right strap

If you're someone who's slightly heavy set on the top, then you really must avoid thin straps because those will just highlight your problem areas. Spaghetti and noodle strap tops can make your arms look thicker and heavier due to the amount of exposed skin. Opt for broader straps as those won't highlight the gap so much. If you're still keen on wearing thin straps then opt for a tunic or a shrug to wear on top.


07/10V necks to the rescue

V necks to the rescue

This one is a really handy trick. Deep necklines help give your neck the illusion of being longer than it is. And this helps in calling attention to your collarbones. Also, since your arms and neckline fall in the same horizontal line, people will most likely pay more attention to your collarbones than your arms.


08/10Tight armholes are a no-no

Tight armholes are a no-no

If you opt for an attire that has tight armholes, not only is it going to make you uncomfortable, it'll also cause side bulges and spillage which will completely ruin your look. So instead, opt for an attire that has comfortable armholes and will keep you looking chic and classy while also giving your arms enough room to breathe.


09/10In-cut styles are better

In-cut styles are better

In-cut styles can really add some dimension to your look. Normal sleeveless attires are cut-off at a very particular angle which results in them making your arms look broader. In-cut styles, on the other hand, offer a deeper cut which can help bring more attention to your shoulders.


10/10Say no to strapless dresses

Say no to strapless dresses

Strapless dresses make your arms look a lot fatter than they are. They tend to push all the skin upwards including the skin under your arms. So, it's best to just stay away from strapless attires as they only accentuate arm fat.