01/5How many of these things about Karl Lagerfeld do you know?

How many of these things about Karl Lagerfeld do you know?

On the morning of 19th of February 2019, Karl Lagerfeld passed away and as one would expect, the world of fashion, celebrities, and fans of the late iconic designer mourned his field. Apart from his heroic multi-tasking abilities ( He was simultaneously the Creative Director for Chanel, Fendi and his eponymous label) the world of fashion and beyond doesn’t know much about him, despite his unparalleled popularity and being in the public for decades. He was mysterious, to say the least. If his secretive demeanour had you baffled too, read on! We’re spilling some lesser known facts about the late fashion designer.


02/5He once cast strippers in a runway show

He once cast strippers in a runway show

creative best came for. Back in 1993, he was designing for Fendi, Lagerfeld chose to send Italian porn star Moana Pozzi and a crew of strippers on the runway to showcase a line of lace-trimmed swimsuits. In hindsight, it was quite apt. But naturally, it rubbed a few shoulders the wrong way. It was reportedly not to a ~certain~ renowned fashion editor’s tastes, as she made an abrupt exit during the presentation.


03/5PETA considered him a “nemesis”

PETA considered him a “nemesis”

Karl Lagerfeld loved his fur and his designs were proof. In fact, he even was a huge proponent for fur in fashion. Naturally, this met the ire of PETA on various occasions. In 2001, the feud reached a fever pitch when six members of the organization threw tofu cream pies at the designer. Ironically, they missed — instead of hitting designer Calvin Klein, who was vocally fur-free.


04/5He used to carry a fan everywhere

He used to carry a fan everywhere

And you thought his black, mysterious sunglasses were his only constant accessory? Lagerfeld always carried a fan along with him and made it a part of his signature lewk.


05/5His famous mane wasn’t really white

His famous mane wasn’t really white

In 2012, Lagerfeld admitted to a fashion magazine that his hair is actually “kind of grayish” and that he maintains the snow white aesthetic with Klorane dry shampoo. “That is the best thing to do because my hair is always clean,” he shared.