01/11Avoid making these mistakes when you wear leggings

Avoid making these mistakes when you wear leggings

While we all love a good pair of denim jeans, they're certainly not as comfortable as leggings are. And when it comes to teaming your kurtis with the right bottoms, what better is there than leggings? So, while they're super comfy and they look all things amazing there are still certain rules that you need to follow when you wear leggings so that you don't end up looking weird in any way. Because we all know that all it takes is one mistake to ruin your entire look. So, here is a list of a few things you should avoid doing when you wear your leggings. Take a look.


02/11Don't wear see-through leggings

Don't wear see-through leggings

This should be considered a sin. If you want to look appropriate when you're wearing leggings, ensure that you invest in quality ones. If you opt for really cheap ones, they'll come with the hazard of being see-through thanks to their cheap material. In fact, they might even rip pretty easily.


03/11Don't wear them to the gym

Don't wear them to the gym

Leggings are not supposed to be worn at the gym. When it comes to gym clothes, you need to understand that the materials you use should be thick and comfortable enough for you to exercise in. Whereas with leggings, not only are they going to hug your legs but they'll also be super uncomfy to exercise in.


04/11Don't treat them like jeans

Don't treat them like jeans

You could wear the same pair of jeans forever on repeat and nothing would happen to it. If you do that with your legging, it's bound to rip up from somewhere. Leggings aren't made of the same sturdy material that jeans are so don't treat your leggings like you do your jeans.


05/11Avoid pairing tight tops with tight leggings

Avoid pairing tight tops with tight leggings

Since leggings are already body-hugging, it would rather look odd if you opt for a tight-fitting top. Instead, throw a loose shirt or a t-shirt and make your outfit look and feel comfortable.


06/11Don't put on shiny leggings

Don't put on shiny leggings

Shiny leggings don't ever suit, whatever your body type. It in turn creates bulges and makes your whole outfit look weird. Instead, opt for solid single coloured leggings and pair it with a decent t-shirt.


07/11Don't team them with bright tops

Don't team them with bright tops

Even if your legging is black or neutral coloured, it's best to not team it with bright tops. It will end up giving you a very mismatched look. What's more, when you're opting for a legging, remember that since it's already going to be body-hugging your top needs to be loose and flowy to give you look some proportion.


08/11Leggings and crop tops don't team well

Leggings and crop tops don't team well

Do not team your leggings with crop tops; they're a big no-no. Unlike other materials, leggings are made from super soft materials which stick to your body. So, unless you want everyone to get a perfect look at your curves, it's best that you wear a long top that covers your hips or you'll end up showing off more than you bargained for.


09/11Don't wear underwear with visible hemlines

Don't wear underwear with visible hemlines

Trust us, not only will you be super uncomfortable in something like this but it will also completely ruin your entire look. Visible underwear hemlines are a huge turnoff. So, whenever you opt for leggings, remember to wear seamless underwear underneath.


10/11Avoid leggings that gather at your ankles

Avoid leggings that gather at your ankles

Your legging needs to look like a legging and not like a churidar. If you opt for a legging that gathers at your ankles it will make you look shabby and unkempt. So, whatever you do, always ensure that you invest in a legging that's the right length for you.