01/8The blend of brown and blonde shades can be created in so many interesting ways

The blend of brown and blonde shades can be created in so many interesting ways

If you are looking to add a little dimension to your bronde job,shadow roots are the way to go. American colourist Coryn Neylon came up with this look by adding darker tones to bring the colour to life. Models and fashion bloggers have all embraced the bronde trend. Many have even taken to social media to showcase this colour from warm to multi-toned variations.


02/8Bright Bronde

Bright Bronde

If you are looking to experiment and do something daring, go bright bronde. This look is really bold and looks almost platinum. However, the medium shade of brown is not too stark against the roots, which almost give it a chocolate hue.


03/8Ashy Bronde

Ashy Bronde

Khloe Kardashian loves to experiment with various bronde and blonde shades. However, the ashy trend she's sporting in the photo is a look that would suit any girl. Keep the blonde shades closer to the roots that way it doesn't look too bright and allows your natural hair colour to shine through.


04/8Easy Breezy Bronde

Easy Breezy Bronde

Want to achieve the California girl easy breezy look like Gigi Hadid? No problem. The sun-kissed blonde and caramel highlights are easy to achieve. Just keep the roots dark and add light shades to the rest of the hair like brown and honey blonde.


05/8Lived-in bronde waves

Lived-in bronde waves

If you're a beach gal or love the messy hair look, then opt for bronde waves that are full of texture. Colourist Chris Green showcases just how to perfect this look that has honey-blonde hues with a touch of spice. Almost anyone can pull of this colour that looks oh so fresh.


06/8Shimmery bronde

Shimmery bronde

If you are a bright and sunshine kinda girl,why not shimmer and shine in golden highlights. This look is almost made for selfies by the beach. When this colour catches the light, you've definitely got your shot.


07/8Caramel asymmetrical pixie

Caramel asymmetrical pixie

You may think there's not a lot you can do with a short pixie. But you'll be amazed by what bronde can really do. For a client with an asymmetrical pixie, colourist Kisha Larie chose a media brown base colour and added caramel highlights. This colour perfectly complements brown skin tones.


08/8Long bronde balayage

Long bronde balayage

Got long, luscious wavy hair? A swirl of brown, caramels and blondes is perfect to make your hair shine. Stylist Janise created this heavenly balayage combo that can work well on dusky skin tones. What's best about this type of colour is that it can work all year round and look good in every season.