01/12Gajra styles for your wedding day

Gajra styles for your wedding day

The half moon gajra look will go best with a braided bun. As braids and gajra is the perfect combination as it adds the charm to a look. You can also get this Sonam Kapoor look. Half moon gajra look will go best with your saree on the reception night or even with your lehenga on the sangeet evening.


02/12Go a little extra

Go a little extra

A little extra gajra in your hair won't hurt anybody. If you want to make a statement using these flowers we suggest you use gajra strings on your hair and wrap them around your bun in bulk to accentuate your hair. It'll also help add volume to your bun and make it look wedding ready.


03/12Side braids with a gajra

Side braids with a gajra

If you're one of those minimalistic brides, then we suggest you opt for this gajra style. Just style your hair in side braids like Sonam has and then pin some gajra strings to your hair. Not only will it amp up your bridal look, but it'll also help you exude that elegant vibe.


04/12Full gajra bun

Full gajra bun

There's nothing quite as classic as a full gajra bun. No matter what hairstyle you opt for at the front, the full gajra bun at the back will make you look gorgeous. Plus, making this hairstyle will cause you absolutely no hassle which is what makes it all the more perfect.


05/12Gajra chaadar

Gajra chaadar

Well, we've all seen a phoolon ki chaadar, but have you ever seen a gajra chaadar? Doesn't it look oh-so-amazing? It'll totally help you make a statement on your wedding day and we're sure this is one trend that will catch up pretty soon just like floral kaliras did.


06/12Gajra hairpin

Gajra hairpin

This wedding season do try the gajra hairpin look. This look will go best if you want to keep your hair down; all you need to do is pin up some beautiful gajras as a floral hair clip and you are set to go.


07/12The criss-cross style

The criss-cross style

The criss-cross style: Well, Sonam Kapoor is known as the goddess of style for a reason. The actress opted for a simple gajra on her sangeet night and we must say she absolutely slayed her look. The gajra was very elaborately intertwined with her hair and boy did it look beautiful. Now opting for this gajra style is one surefire way to grab attention.


08/12Twirl it round

Twirl it round

Why go for the same gajra styles when you can try something different and stand out in your own way. All you ladies out there, who're opting for a ponytail or a messy braid, you can opt to twirl the gajra around your hair. Rather than opting for single flowers to deck up in your braid, try this style out and see how it makes you stand out completely. The gajra will look absolutely gorgeous in your hair.


09/12Gold-toned gajras

Gold-toned gajras

We all know just how well gold goes with other colours and gold tones gajras are really making the rounds right now. So if you're someone who doesn't mind having artificial but super elegant looking flowers in your hair, try out these gold-toned gajras to style your hair with. And if you've opted for a red lehenga these will pair up so well with it.


10/12Wear it down

Wear it down

If you're planning on letting your hair loose, what you can also do is opt for wearing your gajra down as well. Just let it sit there in your hair and look beautiful on its own. You could also do this if you've tied your hair in a plait but it'll still look just as beautiful so don't worry about it.