01/14The kind of dresses that you need to wear on date nights

The kind of dresses that you need to wear on date nights

There are ample of things that you can wear on dates. From smart casuals to absolutely dramatic gowns, you can make an impression and how! But for most times, women prefer to choose dresses as their go-to style for a date nights. And we love how a dress can be a piece of clothing that can go from basic to drama to event-like and so much more. So if you're the one wondering what to wear on your next date, we've got you the perfect examples.


02/14Sheer magic

Sheer magic

What’s a date night dress if it doesn’t tease? Take notes from our very own PC to pull off this risque trend. Priyanka wears a black leotard that hides her modesty but shows off her legs. A pretty kickass mixture of sexy and classy if you ask us!


03/14Breezy babe

Breezy babe

If you live in a warmer part of the country, chances are you’re going to sweat the moment you step out. You don't have to do away with dressing up just because you need to be comfortable. Pick a breezy dress like Yami. We love that she paired it sneakers – Super comfortable. Yet so so chic!


04/14Ruffle everywhere

Ruffle everywhere

If you fall under the skinny category, here’s a type of dress is that made just for you. The ruffled dress! Pick a solid hue like Sonal Chauhan for a more refined look.


05/14Do away the blues

Do away the blues

There are no Monday blues if you own a dress like Taapsee Pannu and happen to go on a date on the first day of the week. It's super comfortable, super flowy and super attractive.


06/14The hot reds

The hot reds

A date night gets all things sexy when the woman has a bright red dress on! Believe it or not, red makes you look very attractive. And if you don a dress like Sara Ali Khan has, your guy ain't looking nowhere else!


07/14Something subtle

Something subtle

Alia Bhatt's dress right here, is a mixture of a relaxed and impression-making outfit. The thigh-high slit does the magic while the monochrome colour adds some casual effect to her dress. Not to forget, the bow which makes the dress look cuter than ever.


08/14High slits

High slits

One very sultry look that this dress can bring. Dresses with high slits are such a show stealer and perfect for a sexy date night. Choose the colour that suits you, pair it up with stiletto heels and let your hair down with some smoky eyes for the added drama.


09/14Tassels everywhere

Tassels everywhere

A fitted midi dress with tassels over the waist line will add the drama that your date night needs. We bet the guy is going to be head over heels for you when he looks at you in this dress.


10/14Checkered chic

Checkered chic

You can never go wrong with checks. Anything and everything looks nice with checks on it. And if you are planning on a casual date, a cute checkered shirt dress in a warm hue will work just fine.