01/5Trust us, these are anything but ugly!

Trust us, these are anything but ugly!

Sonam Kapoor may not be the topmost actresses, but her fashion prowess has put her in an unmovable plan in the world of fashion. That she’s the most influential person in the Indian fashion scene wouldn’t be untrue. Take the ‘ugly’ sneakers trend for example. You know what they are – the big, bad, bulky and insanely vibrant sneakers that designer and sports brand are smitten with. While movie stars in our country have strictly been wearing these big bulky ugly sneakers only for their workouts, Sonam Kapoor chose to wear those big bad ugly sneakers with a couture dress. The FILA sneakers Sonam wore were actually made in collaboration with VegNonVeg ( Sonam’s husband, Anand Ahuja’s enterprise) Wifely duties or not, Sonam managed to make the avand garde trend seem wearable and not-so-ugly. Ahead are some of the best looking ‘ugly’ sneakers you can find, that will help you jump into the trend.


02/5FILA Masala Mindblower

FILA Masala Mindblower

If you don’t want anything else than what Sonam wore, here they are, the ‘Masala Mindblower.’ Taking a clear inspiration from the spices and curries from our country, the mustard, chipotle and ketchup colours are all the vibrance and vibe you need!


03/5STEVE MADDEN Cliff Printed Lace-Up Platform Shoes

STEVE MADDEN Cliff Printed Lace-Up Platform Shoes

Do not let the multiple colours and prints and texture intimidate you. We say, use the vibrant hues to take your mochorme outfits up a notch. An all black t-shirt and jeans outfit, that usually your travel uniform is functional but boring. Push the boring out, slip into these sneakers. Alternatively, you can also match a colour up with a small piece of your outfit.


04/5Nike M2K Tekno SP

Nike M2K Tekno SP

If vibrant colours just don’t seem like your game, try subtle shades like a creamy beige. Not only are they easy on the eyes, but they also have the potential to style themselves with any look you plan to achieve.




The metallic sheen could easily be the little black dress of finishes –basically, they are essential you can’t miss in your wardrobe. Besides, these runners are the closest you may ever to get to being in space. If not anything, you at least have everyone’s attention with your first step.