01/8Here's how to pull off leggings in 2019

Here's how to pull off leggings in 2019

Try a playful contrast. Match a figure-hugging pair of leggings with an oversized men's jacket. You could even opt to wear the blazer with yoga pants.It looks absolutely casual chic for a lazy day.


02/8Button-down shirt, chain belt and leggings

Button-down shirt, chain belt and leggings

Button-down shirts have become a popular trend in women's fashion. They are perfect for the office or if you want something casual. Pairing it with a chain belt and leggings adds a feminine touch. Go for chunky jewellery with this look. It will add more oomph to your look. You could also pair this style with a silk scarf with playful patterns.


03/8Dress over leggings

Dress over leggings

Wearing leggings over a dress is a great way to add a bit more style to your look. It's a chic outfit to pull off, particularly in the cooler months. Invest in a good pair of black leggings as it will pair well with practically any dress. You can wear this style to work or out with friends. You can also opt to wear a belt in a neutral tone at the waistline. It will accentuate your curves and make you look more skinny.


04/8Leggings with an oversize denim jacket and crop top

Leggings with an oversize denim jacket and crop top

A classic denim jacket over a pair of leggings is chic and ultra-trendy. However, even though it may seem insignificant, a nice simple white crop top will definitely add to this style. It's perfect for those days when you are too lazy to get dressy, but still, want to look good. Plus, an added bonus is your cool-girl vibe will be on point.


05/8Leggings with a sweater

Leggings with a sweater

While the idea of pairing leggings with a sweater is no new concept, a few little tweaks can transform the look and make it trendy. A pair of kitten heel mules and long crystal earrings will add sophistication and keep the look refined and fresh.


06/8Leggings with a printed logo

Leggings with a printed logo

In the mood to experiment? Layer a silk bright colour skirt with leggings that display a printed logo. It's bold and out there, but colour-blocking is having a big moment in fashion and this is a simple and easy way to get on board the trend.


07/8Leggings with shoes

Leggings with shoes

Leggings used to be worn on loungy days or for hitting a yoga class. But since its creation, people have gotten creative. Try a cute pair of ankle boots with a lot of detail. You won't need much jewellery for this style.


08/8Leggings with a touch of glamour

Leggings with a touch of glamour

The best part of owning a pair of leggings is that they pretty much go with anything. If you are looking to glam it up, try high heel boots. It's perfect for a night out and will dress up your style.