01/5These waterproof boots keep your feet guarded while making you look chic!

These waterproof boots keep your feet guarded while making you look chic!

With rain-water droplets shining like diamonds on glass windows and steaming hot coffee cups against a cloudy backdrop, monsoons are easily the most Instagram-able season. But all the charming things about monsoon soon get replaced with potholes, puddles and never ending traffic. And if you like walking as a mode of transport, dressing cute is not an option. Gearing up and gearing up well is the need of the hour. But gearing up doesn’t have to be dressed like sack. Enter wellington boots. These are incredibly functional, covering up your feet perfectly. The new age wellington boots are available in the brightest of shades. Check these out!


02/5Zudio Taupe Animal Printed Gumboots

Zudio Taupe Animal Printed Gumboots

We love this because it doesn’t exactly look like a pair of traditional wellington boots. Its PVC exterior makes it look far better. It’s ankle length is perfect to slip in and out of. While, we aren’t too sure about it protecting feet in heavy rains, it’s definitely better than any other pair of sandals.


03/5A.Sharif Hilson Dragon Tan Gumboot Size

A.Sharif Hilson Dragon Tan Gumboot Size

If a big-boy pair of wellington boots is what you’re looking for, here’s a pair. It’s big, it’s strong and expectedly chic. Its tan hue blends perfectly with most outfits, if not all. It has a strong grip sole, so that you walk comfortably and safely to avoid puddles and potholes.


04/5wonder10 Gumboots Black

wonder10 Gumboots Black
If you’re in the market for a pair of no-nonsense wellington boots that do their job fairly well, we’re living for these shiny jet black boots. You could wear them to work and out. readmore

05/5Decathlon Inverness 100 Junior Ankle Boots - Purple

Decathlon Inverness 100 Junior Ankle Boots - Purple

If you don’t mind a bit of colour on your foot, look at these ones from Decathlon. We love that they are only mi-knee in length – allowing protection and mobility. Its no-slip sole is added layer of protection you would deeply appreciate,