01/9Give your legs some breathing room

Give your legs some breathing room

If you live in a tropical country, winters may be fabled for you, but summers are real – and when we say real, we mean downright brutal. Just like you’d layer up during winters, picking easy, breezy layers are the summer mantra. (Since shedding all layers of clothes is not possible) So enter summers, enter wide leg pants. But we know what you’re thinking; why not just wear culottes instead? Technically speaking, they’re pretty much the same – expect pants run longer. Besides, Capri length pants can never have the sophistication long length wide pants do. So this summers, don’t torture yourself with well-fitted jeans, pick a pair of breathable wide length pants instead. Check some of our favourites.


02/9KOOVS Strappy Ripped Utility Wide-Leg Pants

KOOVS Strappy Ripped Utility Wide-Leg Pants

If you put the ‘edge’ in ‘edgy’ try out these stappy utility wide leg pants from Koovs. Not only are they well-outside a normal person’s comfort zone, they’re guaranteed to elevate your every day t-shirt and pants look.


03/9Maroon Ruby Indo Western Flared Hem Palazzos

Maroon Ruby Indo Western Flared Hem Palazzos

On days when you can’t pick between masculine straight cuts and flared, feminine silhouettes, choose the best of both worlds. These solid coloured flared wide leg pants are perfect if you’re looking for a breezy, summer time look that’s graceful and comfortable at the same time.


04/9Zara Sequinned Culottes

Zara Sequinned Culottes

If slipping into a skimpy, body hugging dress to go out to party, is just not a scene, try out these pair of culottes. Its flattering silhouette will highlight only the right parts of your body, ensure you look poppin’ and keep you comfortable all night long!


05/9Shein Tape Button Side Wide Leg Pants

Shein Tape Button Side Wide Leg Pants

Despite its wide length silhouette from top to bottom, this pair of pants of way of flattering everybody. It has a buttoned panel, which you can button or unbutton, just in case you are looking for a more airy pair of pants.


06/9AJIO Denim Belt Mid-Rise Wide Leg Jeans

AJIO Denim Belt Mid-Rise Wide Leg Jeans

Personally, we’re huge fans of light shades of blue jeans – although they’re less forgiving with stains, they make a pretty darn good addition in the summer wardrobe. And much like a darker hue of blue, they look good with all your solids and summer sorbet hues.




This ripped pair of jeans from Zara is your regular boyfriend jeans with a wide-leg makeover. Its faded, ripped appearance ensures you look at ease, relaxed with every move. Its turned up hem gives you room to play around with it, and makes it more versatile than anyone else would.




Slouchy, wide leg jeans, when worn with a well-fitted blouse or tee – looks anything but slouchy – while giving you all that ease that comes with wearing pajamas. This slouchy pair of jeans from Zara is that comfortable and chic!


09/9Denim Forum The Farrah Wide Leg

Denim Forum The Farrah Wide Leg

We love this pair of wide leg jeans because it’s basic in its look and feels – but is an absolute game changer when it comes to its fit. With a fit and flare silhouette ensures your body looks fit and trim, despite its wide silhouette.