01/5Here’s how you style for summers

Here’s how you style for summers

Dressing up during in summers for work can be so tricky. It's trickier when you are a plus-size woman. Whites are great, but can sprout irreparable stains. Don’t want to layer up, but you don’t want to burn up either. As if the problems are long enough, there is a longer list of problems if you’re a size 12. Why, you ask? You start sweating faster, thigh chafe and as much as you’d like to say otherwise, there aren’t many clothing options for the ‘plus size.’ But that’s no excuse to dress like a ball-sack, especially when you can turn things around. Here’s how!


02/5Pick a natural fabric

Pick a natural fabric

Sadly, most of the clothes that are handed out in plus size stores are made up of cheap polyester, rayon and viscose. While they may look chic in the stores, it’s no secret they don’t breathe well. The materials are known for trapping sweat, and make the wearer feel hotter. Pick natural fabrics like cotton or linen instead. Cotton is affordable and does the job well, making it your best bet!


03/5Try new silhouettes

Try new silhouettes

Do not pick up that pair of jeans while you dress up. They are not your friends, at least in the summers. If you love the roomy feel of a dress or skirt, go grab some. While choosing the length of the dress/skirt, here’s thumb rule to follow: the bare backs of your legs shouldn’t touch the seat when you sit down.


04/5Shop some unexpected brands

Shop some unexpected brands

Look beyond your usual stores. You will be surprised with the new brands out there. Indie brands like Elizabeth Suzann offer fairly priced linen items in a wide range of sizes. Mainstream brands like Athleta offer athleisure that could be disguised for the office when worn with a blazer.


05/5Use hacks to your advantage

Use hacks to your advantage

All those hacks you learnt for the right fit? Use them! Apply the Megababe Thigh Rescue when you wear dresses — and throw on Knix’s Thigh Saver shorts. Additionally, carry hair tied to keep your together during commute and blotting papers handy to always look put together.