01/6These blouse styles are giving us life!

These blouse styles are giving us life!

The traditional saree sure has got a lot of upgrades all along the years and so has the blouse styles too. There have been so many people in the fashion industry who've constantly brought a change to the blouse designs and a lot of them look fabulous to say the least. With the growing trends, it's always fun to experiment with new colours, new styles and new designs. And lately if you must have noticed, traditional wear has become quite a thing for any kind of occasion. Be it a fancy dinner party or a causal brunch. Women have been donning the saree precisely anywhere and everywhere. We've also spotted Bollywood actresses wearing sarees for their airport look which means it's also considered a comfy travel outfit by many. This is when we thought it would make sense to talk about a few blouse styles that have been trending all too well and you'd like to have a little upgrade in your closet too.


02/6Lace neck blouse

Lace neck blouse

There's something retro about this lose top-like blouse with tiny polka dots on it. The fit is very comfy and the lace around the next and sleeves makes it look too soothing. It's a perfect blouse to match with a floral print saree just as Kalki Kochlin is seen wearing in this one.


03/6Puff sleeved shirt blouse

Puff sleeved shirt blouse

Shirt blouses were already trending since a while now and to make it more extra, the designers added some puff sleeves to it. How nice does that look for a casual outing with family and friends?


04/6Ruffle sleeves blouse

Ruffle sleeves blouse

Oh, the ruffles! They make anything and everything look nice. Right from a casual top to a royal blouse, ruffles can suit any and every person. Look how superb that colour looks on a blouse and Jacqueline Fernandez has been pulling it off all too well.


05/6Layered sleeves blouse

Layered sleeves blouse

Layered sleeves is such a refreshing look for a blouse. And no other than Shilpa Shetty Kundra could have shown us how it's done! Opt for this style for an occasion where you wish to dress extra and obviously you're going to have some jaws dropped at how stunning it makes you look.


06/6Off shoulder low neck blouse

Off shoulder low neck blouse

There's something about low neck blouse styles. They make your collarbones visible and make the saree look even more beautiful. To top it, we now have upgraded to off shoulder plunging necklines for blouses for some sheer sarees that can be paired with stunning jewelry.