01/7Bag types that talks a lot about the kind of person you are

Bag types that talks a lot about the kind of person you are

We've all tried using different kind of bags or we see people on the streets carrying various types of bags. But have you ever thought how your bag type can speak so much about your personality? Bags don't only act as an added essential but also becomes a part of our daily life. Almost all of us carry bags on a daily basis for our comfort and it also defines our style, makes us stand out from the rest of the crowd. The size as well as the type of the bag that we use differs from person to person but the purpose remains the same. Be it a sling bag or a tote bag, a shoulder bag or a briefcase, every type says a lot about our personality and if you're keen on knowing, you must read this.




Wallets are mostly all women's favourite. Women who carry their wallets everywhere are idealists. They assume that a wallet is all they need and they're quite upbeat and positive. They're also easy-going, love being around people and usually gel well with like-minded people.




If you're a backpack kinda person you are adventurous, bold and a risk-taker. You absolutely love backpacks because they're comfortable and stylish. You also believe in a healthy living, and just like your mind, your backpack is clutter-free as well.


04/7Cross body bags

Cross body bags

We usually carry a bag for keeping everything essential that we might need through the day. And if you're someone who believes in carrying lesser things, you are the type who cares a lot about comfort and makes sure that even in that little space you have everything that you need.


05/7Tote bags

Tote bags

Tote bag lovers are the ones who loves to voice their opinion on every topic that matters to them. These people are organizers who aren't quite afraid to risk a little and absolutely believe in taking a stand for their strong beliefs.


06/7Shoulder bags

Shoulder bags

People using cool shoulder bags are the types who love to impress people with their fashion choices. They treat their bags as a symbol of status and work very hard to add more such bags to their collection. These people also care quite a lot about the utility of the bag but also how the bag looks.




If you're someone who uses a sleek briefcase to work on a usual basis, it means you're one of those super confident kind of person. You're independent, modern and goal-oriented. It also says that you usually don't are about what people think about you.