01/5Foods that you must consume if you want to add more Folic acid to your diet!

Foods that you must consume if you want to add more Folic acid to your diet!

We're sure most of you have already heard of the term 'Folic acid' but you probably aren't aware of what it is. Well, it happens to be an artificial or synthetic form of vitamin B9 and can be readily found in food. It's also necessary for your body because it helps in various things like preventing damage to your DNA and helping your body produce new cells while also supporting their growth. So, if you're looking to incorporate Folic acid in your diet, here are some foods you can consume. Take a look.


02/5Leafy greens

Leafy greens

Leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale are rich in sources of vitamins, minerals, fibre and folate. You could just toss them in a healthy salad or if you're looking to give your tastebuds a tingle, try turning them into a smoothie with some berries as ingredients too.




Avocados are pretty much a miracle fruit and are known for their amazing properties. Rich in potassium, vitamin K, B6 and C, they also contain folate. You can turn it into a spread and put it on some toast or you could even team it with some eggs for a continental breakfast.




Everyone's favourite 'Papita' or papaya is known for its healing properties when it comes to skincare, but did you know it also contains folate? Just cut up some papaya and gorge on a bowl-full of it or you could also make a smoothie out of it if you fancy.


05/5Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits like lemons, sweet limes, oranges and grapefruits are also naturally rich in folate apart from containing an abundance of Vitamin C. You could just peel up an orange and eat it or toss it in a fruit salad for a change of taste.