01/7Step 1: Stop smoking. Smokers often get poor sleep which leads to them having puffy eyes and dark circles

Step 1: Stop smoking. Smokers often get poor sleep which leads to them having puffy eyes and dark circles

We’re sure people have told you that your dark circles are because you’re not sleeping enough or because you’re out partying too late. Well, all that’s true. And while we bet under-eye masks and serums are part of your beauty regimes, there are certain things you will have to give up doing that are actually making your dark circles a lot worse than they already are. Below is a list of all the habits that are making those dark circles worse...


02/7Doing away with sunscreen

Doing away with sunscreen

The upper and lower lids of your eyes have skin that’s super sensitive and forgoing sunscreen means you are exposing those parts to a lot of sun damage. It shows up as a loss of elasticity and a dull sallowness to the skin. And we bet you know how hard it is to reverse a bad skin tan.


03/7Washing with hot water

Washing with hot water

On a cold morning, washing with hot water might feel comforting, however, it should be avoided. Warm water will accentuate the bluish under-eye tint you already have and lead to puffiness too. Rubbing ice under your eyes will greatly help reverse this.


04/7Cleansing your under-eye area all wrong

Cleansing your under-eye area all wrong

Rubbing your skin in those areas can cause capillary damage as also lead to inflammation. Cleanse the area gently and use baby oil if your makeup remover is not doing the job right. Good old coconut oil will also do the job well.




Cigarette smoke has oxidants that break down collagen in elastin, which can potentially destroy the delicate tissue around the eye. Need we say more? Smoking also causes an increase in blood pressure and this also hampers blood circulation.


06/7Not drinking enough water

Not drinking enough water

Dehydration causes the skin to become more fragile and this results in the blood vessels under the eye showing through. Drinking enough water will ensure that your skin stays plumped and looks firm and tight. Drinking water will also help keep your skin looking glowing and well hydrated.


07/7Consuming too much salt

Consuming too much salt

Not only is consuming excess salt bad for your health but also results in the body retaining water and shifts fluid to ‘balance out’ the higher salt concentration. This accumulation can be felt in the feet and under the eyes.
Ready to give it all up?