01/6This is what drinking too much soda can do to your body

This is what drinking too much soda can do to your body

Do you know that just 12 ounce of soda contains 39 grams of sugar which is already 3 times the amount you otherwise from a donut. You might already know that soda is an unhealthy drink but you'd still choose to sip on it while munching on a few other things. But, the ones who are regular at drinking this sweetened beverage can add on a lot of calories and extra weight to your body. Apart from this, soda has many other side effects and we're going to list them down for you so that you get an exact idea on how it affects your body.


02/6Joint pain

Joint pain

The pain and aches that you will start getting due to consistent consumption of soda is unreal. Women who are regular at soda consumption usually have an increased risk of rheumatoid arthritis. This is why, it is very crucial to cut down your intake of any kind of soda sooner than later.




Drinking too much soda will add on a lot of sugar to your body which ultimately converts to fats. It is a high-calorie drink that contains 140 calories per can which can make you gain more weight than usual. This can result in obesity if you don't limit your soda intake.


04/6Tooth decay

Tooth decay

Just 12 ounce of soda contains ten packets of sugar which coats your teeth and gums every single time you drink some soda. This beverage affects your teeth a lot where it can decay the teeth in no time leaving you in pain.




Don't think switching to diet soda will do you any good. Both regular as well as diet soda are linked to type 2 diabetes. The sugar spike you get from soda will force your body to transform the sugar into fat in the liver. The fat deposits in your liver will then increase by 150% which will in turn increase the risk of diabetes.


06/6Belly fat

Belly fat

Nobody likes excess fat on the tummy. And if you're going to sip on sodas too often, you will have to sport one. The refined sugar in soda is absorbed very quickly by your body which causes blood sugar to increase. This increase in blood sugar triggers insulin production in the body which turns into fat.