01/5These signs show that you're being an emotional wreck and that things need to change

These signs show that you're being an emotional wreck and that things need to change

Do you fight with people a lot? Do you cry over unnecessary things even though you know the situation can't get any better or worse? More often than not, people end up doing a lot of toxic things but never realise that their behaviour and the pattern in which their habits are falling are actually toxic not just for them but for other people as well. If these habits are not changed or at least altered, such people get stuck in an endless cycle of agony and 'what ifs'. So, if you're someone who can relate to everything we mentioned above, here are some more signs that you're basically an emotional wreck and need to change your habits.


02/5Most of your relationships are toxic

Most of your relationships are toxic

Be it with your mom, dad, sibling or your friends, if you find that you end up arguing incessantly with them or bitch about them or to them, then you have probably formed a toxic relationship with these people. If you can't seem to have a normal argument-free conversation with the people you know then you really need to start changing your habits.


03/5You keep feeling guilty about things

You keep feeling guilty about things

First, you let your emotions get the best of you and then you have an uncontrolled outburst. Then you start feeling guilty about it. You either resent the person you fought with and do nothing about it, or you blame everyone else for your behaviour or you regret being in such situations all the time. These things mean that you've formed toxic habits that need to be checked.


04/5You have no control over your emotions

You have no control over your emotions

As we mentioned earlier, at times it's like you have zero self-control. You just say or do whatever you feel like without thinking about the consequences and it's these things that make you feel guilty later on. So, you really need to ask yourself why you're so impulsive and what you can do to change this behaviour.


05/5You hate getting criticism

You hate getting criticism

To say that you don't take criticism well would be an understatement. You hate it every time someone points out something bad about your behaviour. Try to understand that people cannot always be wrong, nor can you always be right about what you think. Try to take a step back and introspect all the ways in which you behave. Maybe you'll learn that you actually are doing something wrong and that behaviour needs to be worked on.