01/5Here's what you need to know about dry brushing

Here's what you need to know about dry brushing

Have you heard of dry brushing? It is a spa method that has become a huge trend. Essentially it is using a brush to scrub down dry skin. From reducing cellulite to detoxification, many claim it can do wonders and help us achieve beautiful and glowing skin. It sounds like a simple enough method to maintain skin health, but does it really work? Here's all you need to know about dry brushing?


02/5Dry brushing technique

Dry brushing technique

"Gentle dry brushing will slough off dead, dry skin, improving its appearance and allowing it to hydrate more efficiently when moisturizer is applied afterward," Francesca Fusco, M.D., a dermatologist in New York City, told a news portal about the process of dry brushing.When it comes to detoxifying the body, this technique works like a massage. "The light pressure against your skin and the direction in which you brush helps move lymph fluid into the lymph nodes so this waste can then be eliminated," Robin Jones, spa director at Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin, told a news portal.


03/5May help reduce cellulite

May help reduce cellulite

While there is no scientific evidence to prove dry brushing can reduce cellulite, some experts claim it can get rid of bumps and make skin smooth. Annet King, director of global education for Dermalogica and the International Dermal Institute, told a news portal this process works to get rid "stagnant toxins" that could lead to cellulite.


04/5Choosing the right dry brush

Choosing the right dry brush

It is important to choose the right brush before you try this technique. Otherwise, it may not work. Pick a brush that has firm bristles and preferably made with vegetables. You should also make sure your brush has a long handle so you can get to difficult areas that you cannot reach easily. Experts recommend dry brushing in the morning because it helps to stimulate the body. It is also ideal to do this method before you shower as it can help your skincare products work better. "You've just opened up your pores, so any of body treatments you apply in the shower and afterward will penetrate better," Robin Jones, spa director at Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin, told a news portal.


05/5Dry brushing benefits

Dry brushing benefits

There are many ways your body can indicate whether or not dry brushing works for you. Your skin's texture alone should be a huge sign. Some say their skin feels smooth on the first try. Other claims it helps tackle their skin and digestive issues. An unpleasant but effective test that could tell if your body is getting rid of toxins with the help of this process is by wiping your body with a cloth just after you have finished brushing. Place the cloth in a clear bag and seal it. Smell it after a few days. The whiff will be able to tell you if it's working.