01/5Did you know you could use your highlighter for these things?

Did you know you could use your highlighter for these things?

We all know that a highlighter is used to help highlight all the high points on your face. So, we end up using it to help make our cheekbones and jawline pop and then that's about it. That's all we do with it. But did you know that there's so much more you can do with your highlighter? It's actually one of the most versatile makeup products you've ever owned so maybe it's time you go beyond the cheeks and jaw and make full use of your highlighter. Here are some ways in which you can use your highlighter differently.


02/5Make your body glow

Make your body glow

Why stick to your face when you can make your entire body glow? Once you're done highlighting your face, dust some highlighter on the high points of your body starting with your collar bones and moving on to your shoulders, arms and even your legs. It'll help give your body that natural glow.


03/5Turn matte into metallic eyeshadow

Turn matte into metallic eyeshadow

Most of us don't own metallic eyeshadows because we hardly use them. And rather than letting them sit around and get thrown away once they expire, it's better not to invest in them. Well, if you're looking to add some glitter to your matte eyeshadows, all you need to do is rub some highlighter on your eyelid once you've put on your eyeshadow. Blend the two with a brush and you'll end up with a metallic eyeshadow look.


04/5Get the ultimate dewy skin

Get the ultimate dewy skin

While highlighting the high points on your face can help make them look sharper, if you want an ultimate dewy look, you should add highlighter to your base. Opt for a liquid highlighter for this one and add a few drops to your BB cream or your foundation and slather it all on. You'll end up with a natural glow unlike ever before.


05/5Metallic lips for the win

Metallic lips for the win

We're sure you already know that there's a highlighter trick that involves using the highlighter on the centre of your lips to make them look plumper. Well, another hack you can opt for is to turn any matte lipstick into a metallic shade. Just dab some liquid highlighter onto your lips after you've applied your lipstick and blend the two well. And voila! You'll have the perfect metallic lips.