01/5No, you don’t need high heels!

No, you don’t need high heels!

Pint sized, petite or just plain short – you may call yourself any cute nickname to describe the fact your fact, but there are times in lives that you just wishes you looked talker. While heels can be of great help, we all know what a pain they can be! Of course, you can’t wear heels all the time.But thanks to the influx of bloggers, we now know some tried and tested ways you can look taller in pictures, without tapping that edit button.Ahead are some tips you can try, to look taller in pictures!


02/5Frame correctly

Frame correctly

While you pose for pictures, ensure you’re the centre point. While posing, see to it that your body fits the entire frame. This way, when the viewer looks at the picture as a whole, your mind is tricked into thinking you are the largest (tallest) object in the picture!


03/5Leon on

Leon on

Here’s posing tip. You can easily create the illusion of a longer frame. All you have to do is lean your one leg on the other. This extends your frame and elongates your frame further. Besides, the change is extremely subtle. A non-expert would never notice!


04/5Take strides

Take strides

Take pictures while you take long strides. The pose looks so high fashion. It’s one of our favourites pose. Taking strides also extends your further, but further more and makes you look like the tall supermodel you want to!


05/5Lower the camera

Lower the camera

This is the easiest trick in the book. When clicking a picture, ask your photographer or fried to hold the camera a few inches below your waist. This changes the perspective for the viewer and adds a few inches. If you want to amplify the effect, use the same effect with a wide angle lens.