01/5These budget-friendly fragrances will make your summer much better

These budget-friendly fragrances will make your summer much better

While the summer season is really the best to head to the beach and for brunches, it also is the season of sweating endlessly through those heat waves. And naturally, the more you sweat the more you're bound to start smelling and that just won't do, will it? You might have tried a number of deodorants and perfumes to help keep you refreshed but more often than not those aromas just end up giving you a headache which is why it's time that you invest in some light and fresh perfumes. So, give these budget-friendly ones a try and see how well they work for you.


02/5Natural Bath & Body Wild Wonder Body Mist

Natural Bath & Body Wild Wonder Body Mist

If you're looking for something super refreshing, this aquatic perfume will work wonders for you. Inspired by emerald blue open waters this one will make you feel like you're carrying a shower in a bottle. The best thing about it is that it contains organic vegetable glycerine which makes it amazing for people with sensitive skin. And it only costs RS 499.


03/5Falaknuma by Sugandhco. Hayaa EDP

Falaknuma by Sugandhco. Hayaa EDP

This one features a blend of floral notes like lily and rose and vibrant scents like lime and musk. So naturally, this one will give you a refreshing aroma like never before. What's best is that it's made of concentrated perfume oils so it stays on for much longer than other perfumes. This one is priced at RS 440.


04/5Fabindia Wild Rose Perfume Oil

Fabindia Wild Rose Perfume Oil

If you love all things flowers then this one is just perfect for you. It features the scents of wild roses infused with a number of essential oils like grapeseed oil and almond oil to give you the most intense aroma that lasts from the am to the pm. Plus, it only costs Rs 265 so it's rather easy on the pockets as well.


05/5First Water Solutions Body Mist – Moonlight

First Water Solutions Body Mist – Moonlight

Emphasising heavily on jasmine notes this one features the Chandni plant which is infused with calendula oil. So, if you're looking for something that reminds you of home, this perfume will work great for you. It will also be amazing for the summer season as it is alcohol and paraben-free so it'll be rather safe for your skin too. Priced at Rs 499.