01/6Less greasy, more easy (going)!

Less greasy, more easy (going)!

If you’re washing your hair every day in hopes that your greasy mane is getting squeaky clean, stop that right now. While why it is a huge mistake is a story for another day. Alternatively, if you think that washing that mane is the only solution, you couldn’t be more wrong. Professional hairstylists work with different types of hair – yup grunge models, musicians with gravity-defying Mohawks and actresses with over-processed hair. It’s safe to say they know more than a thing or two about reviving hair. Ahead are some professional grade tips that will suck out that grease!




Apply a volumising mousse to your roots and slowly work the product in all the way to the ends. Lightly blow-dry the hair to remove the moisture and voila! You're left with locks that look like they've been freshly styled!


03/6Blot It Out

Blot It Out

The Clean & Clear blotting sheets are perfect to suck out oil from your T-zone. But who’s to say that their use is only limited to your face? If your greasy roots situation is just building, blotting sheets are surprisingly good. Sandwich chunks of hair between two blotting sheets, and massage the oil away from the mane. This method is best for roots that are visibly greasy, not just a little flat. Did you know, this method is awesome, that Olivia Palermo and Lupita Nyong’s hairstylist swears by it!


04/6Just Spritz The Roots

Just Spritz The Roots

You know every beauty related story always says that one should steer away from alcohol in their products? Not this time. If your greasy hair is courtesy of residue product, use an alcohol-based product and spritz away on the roots. Christian Wood, hairstylist to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Katy Perry says, “Spritz it into the roots, then blot with tissue...[and] finish by drying the roots completely with a hairdryer and styling as usual." Follow it up with a blow-out- The alcohol-based spray will do a good job of temporarily taking care of the excess product.


05/6Use Baby Powder For A Quick Fix

Use Baby Powder For A Quick Fix

How gratifying it is to know that the one hack you know and love is also loved a by a celebrity hairstylist? Hairstylist to Kiernan Shipka and Camila Alves, Kristin Heitkotter prefers baby powder over the modern day dry shampoos, “I like to sprinkle a small amount into half-inch sections around the hairline,” she says. Then, she uses a mixed bristle paddle brush — or some vigorous finger shaking — to rake away the powder. (Be prepared — that last step takes some work.)


06/6Embrace Your Beach Waves

Embrace Your Beach Waves

You know what they say, when you can’t fight them, join them. Same goes with your hair. If you can’t seem to get around taming your messy mane, embrace it, but juzz it up a bit. Adir Abergel, who styles Rooney Mara loves little messy, beachy waves. “Blast the braids with hot air to set them, then allow the hair to cool down completely,” he says. When you take the braids out, you’ll have “beautiful, carefree texture that feels undone and sexy,” he says. Quite a way to distract the peeps from your greasy roots.