01/8Here are some cheesy things all couples do but never admit to

Here are some cheesy things all couples do but never admit to

Cute and Mushy nicknames: Yes! We all know this is true! Babu, shona, kuchi and what not, all couples are guilty of giving their significant other's some seriously mushy and slightly nauseating nicknames. As much as you may deny it, we know you're on this list as well.


02/8Save random things as memories

Save random things as memories

Yes, we're talking about movie ticket stubs, dried up flowers, restaurant bills and such that couples tend to save as memoirs from their first few dates. And as cheesy as it sounds, it is a rather lovely thing to do but you'll never find most couples admitting to doing such things.


03/8Sending each other tons of kiss emojis

Sending each other tons of kiss emojis

Try and take a person's phone from them when they're in a relationship and they'll probably end up kicking you in the face to stop you from reading their cheesy conversations with their significant others. So, yes no matter how many eye rolls kiss emojis often get, every couple has at least once sent each other truckloads of kiss emojis.


04/8Say 'I love you' before disconnecting a call

Say 'I love you' before disconnecting a call

Yes, every person in a relationship will do this without fail every single time. Every time they get on a call with their SO, they'll say 'I love you' before they disconnect the call. And if they don't, then they might get a call back asking them why they didn't say those magical three words which clearly proves this thing isn’t optional.


05/8Romantic texts

Romantic texts

We all send our SO's some super cheesy romantic texts. So any couple who denies sending each other songs or song lyrics and even cheesy romantic dialogues from films is lying! We've all done it so we might as well just be honest about it.


06/8Social media love

Social media love

Ok now, this is just super annoying. As if PDA wasn't enough now couples take to their social media accounts to flaunt their love for each other. One of them will put up some super cheesy romantic status for the other and when they get teased they'll just shrug it off and say they read it somewhere.


07/8Baby talk!

Baby talk!

Don't hate this, just accept it. We all end up baby talking with our SO's and as cheesy and annoying it might sound to a single person, they'll end up doing the same when they're dating someone. Nevertheless, 'mela baby ne kya khaya' is certainly annoying, that much we agree with.


08/8Celebrate every little occasion

Celebrate every little occasion

Yes, you know what we're talking about. If you're one of those couples who celebrate their anniversary, monthversary, kissversary, hugversary and god knows how many versaries, congratualtions! You're on this list. So don't bother denying this, we all know it's true.