01/19These stylish hairstyles are easy for lazy girls to achieve

These stylish hairstyles are easy for lazy girls to achieve

Managing your hair can be a rather annoying task and if you think girls with long hair have it bad, you should ask the girls with short hair. Not only is it super difficult for them to style their hair but it also becomes irritating when it keeps falling on their faces all the time. Well, whether you've got long hair or short, styling it is a nuisance especially if you're a lazy girl. But that doesn't mean you don't want to look presentable. So, if you're looking for a few tips and tricks, here are some hairstyles that you lazy girls can pull off with minimum effort. Take a look.


02/19Easy rope-braid

Easy rope-braid

Easy hairstyles have this thing where you can make it look complicated when it actually isn't. For this easy rope-braid you simply have to part your hair in two sides, tie it in a pony tail and then keep twisting it till the end and then secure it with a rubber-band. You can even use a generous amount of dry shampoo before you get started with tying your hair for that extra texture and grip.


03/19Low, side bun

Low, side bun

This one works rather well for people with shoulder-length hair. If you're looking for an easy-peasy hairdo, try the low-side bun. Just bring all your hair over to one side and tie it into a bun at the bottom. This one also works rather well with ethnic outfits.


04/19The wet look

The wet look

No, you do not need a stylist for this look (not everyone is Katrina Kaif and can afford one, duh!). All you need is some alcohol-free mousse. Take some product into your hands and rub it through damp hair while slowly scrunching from the bottom up. Let your hair dry and voila! You have a wet look!


05/19Voluminous waves

Voluminous waves

Take a hairspray and spritz it all over your locks. Use a hair wand to quickly style your hair into curls. You'll end up with super tight curls so then run a brush through your hair and you'll end up with chic and gorgeous voluminous waves.


06/19The topknot

The topknot

You'll have to part your hair horizontally for this one. Take the top section and tie it up into a messy bun. Use some bobby pins to hold it in place and brush the rest of your hair in place. If you've got short hair this hairstyle is bound to look trendy on you.


07/19Sideswept ponytail

Sideswept ponytail

This one works rather great for girls with naturally textured and wavy hair. Part your hair on the side and then gather it all at the nape of your neck and tie it into a sleek ponytail. Use some hairspray or serum to help keep all your hair in place and you're done.


08/19The ribbon

The ribbon

This isn't an actual hairstyle, it just means you should add an accessory like a ribbon to your hair to help accentuate things. You could add it to a set of braids or you could just randomly pin your hair up however you like and use a ribbon to secure your hair.


09/19Space buns

Space buns

This one works rather well for unwashed hair. All you need to do is part your hair from the centre and then round up both sections into messy buns on the top. Secure with bobby pins. You could also leave out a few face-framing strands to help out with the look.


10/19Hairpins hairstyle

Hairpins hairstyle

This is legit the easiest one on the list. All you need to do is part your hair on one side and then put on 4-6 fancy bobby pins on the side with less hair. Alternatively, you could also just part your hair from the centre and place one fancy bobby pin on either side.