01/5For that coveted spotless skin!

For that coveted spotless skin!

While some may be of the opinion, scars tell stories, stories of survival, others may not agree, and there is nothing wrong with it. The good news is, those who’re looking to fade away scars, whether it’s an accident that caused it or a bad skin phase, there is a multitude of products that do what they bid to do – fading scars. They’re available readily too, and have promising reviews by its users. So you know they work! So if you’re looking for non-intrusive, effective ways that fade away scars ahead are some products that will help you out! Read on.


02/5Body Merry Scar Gel

Body Merry Scar Gel

If you dislike a sticky or slimy consistency of a product, this light weight gel will soon be your favourite. Its restorative and natural formula has ingredients like Quercetin (a natural anti-inflammatory found in onions) and Kakadu plums (an Australian plant full of vitamin c) and Hydrolized collagen, they fade away pigmentation and scars by regulating the skin’s cell production. The formula is for sensitive skin. Despite its claims of starting show effects up to 12 weeks, some fans of the product say it will only take a few weeks.


03/5Wild Thera Scar Fade Balm

Wild Thera Scar Fade Balm

Treating scars on disturbed skin can be tough thing to do. A balmy, soothing crème might just do the trick. This fade balm is formulated with lavender, shea butter and Tananu oil, that helps fade marks while giving a soothing effect. Its herby fragrance is a delight to smell as well.


04/5Organyc Skin Whitening Cream

Organyc Skin Whitening Cream

If you want to hit that discolouration on your face, hard, check this cream out. It’s specially formulated for the red spots and bumps left by severe acne. It is formulated with an antioxidant compound from red grapes that reduces melanin. Its botanical formula is highly effective doesn’t smell like a nasty lab experiment.


05/5Tetyana Naturals Scar Removal Cream

Tetyana Naturals Scar Removal Cream

If your sensitive skin can’t seem to stand the harsh actives in the many fading creams, try this skin treatment out. It uses a gentle formula of flower extracts aloe juice to fade marks instead of harsh actives. It can be used on the gentlest areas – even on scabs left by mosquito bites.