01/7Medical conditions that are very rare but very real

Medical conditions that are very rare but very real

Common health conditions are normally known to all. Some of which we ourselves go through at some point or the other. And since they're all quite common, there's nothing weird or abnormal about them to us. However, there are medical conditions that are exceptionally abnormal and are but still very much there. There are syndromes that would suddenly make your hands do weird actions or you'd suddenly start talking in an accent. These medical conditions are hardly seen in people but still very real. This brings us to list down a few bizarre conditions to inform you about the same. So that the next time you see such a thing happening to someone, you'd actually know about it.


02/7Pain insensitivity

Pain insensitivity

It sounds good that a person is really unaffected by the pain, but it is a serious medical disorder that too a dangerous one. It's often children who suffer the most if they have this disorder, as they're more prone to scratches or biting their tongue or walking around on broken bones.




This means that the person cannot at any point in life forget something. And no, this doesn't work in his advantage. There are reasons why brains are not wired in a way where a human can remember everything. As rare as this may be, many people do suffer through this medical condition where they can remember every unimportant and important details of life. They can even remember the weather every day for the past decade.


04/7Foreign accent syndrome

Foreign accent syndrome

There's a syndrome where a person can suddenly start talking in an accent while talking normally about something. It sure sounds impossible, but that's what foreign accent syndrome does. It causes a sudden change in the person's speech which could be a result of brain injury or stroke.




We've all tried eating chalks as children. But if someone's eating chalk, stone or soap on a regular basis, that person has a medical condition. This compulsive eating disorder is called as pica that makes the person crave for non-food items, all because of the deficiency of zinc and iron. It is more common in children than in adults and can cause teeth and digestive problems.


06/7Alien hand syndrome

Alien hand syndrome

Will it scare you if your hand starts acting on its own? Well yeah, there's actually a disorder like this and it's called the alien hand syndrome. It basically means that the hand starts acting as if someone's controlling it. This syndrome is quite dangerous as in some cases it has also tried harming the person. This syndrome can be a result of some trauma or stroke.




Playing with your hair occasionally is very normal. But the urge to pull off hair every now and then is called trichotillomania. This urge can cause hair loss and it is thought to be a subcategory of OCD. Emotional distress can be felt by the person affected by this condition and that person can also experience baldness in eyebrows, eyelashes, beard and even on the head.