01/8Become a morning person in no time

Become a morning person in no time

There are two types of people - night owls and early birds. And then there are the inbetweens who can't really put themselves to sleep at a decent hour in the night but also have to wake up early every morning, which then only becomes a task due to unfinished sleep hours. But that isn't just it. There are people who can actually keep sleeping for uninterrupted long hours and still find it difficult to wake up in the mornings. These people go through a lot of struggle to get themselves out of the bed which ultimately only delays everything followed after for the day. This is why, we're here to give out a list of things you should be doing to wake yourself up in minutes in the morning.


02/8Avoid alcohol or caffeine before bedtime

Avoid alcohol or caffeine before bedtime

A tiring day always calls for a good glass full of wine to make it all better. But it is probably a bad idea if you've got an early morning where you'd wish to look fresh. This is why you'll have to swap anything alcohol or a caffeinated drink with something soothing like chamomile tea or lavender tea.


03/8Use the bed only for sleeping

Use the bed only for sleeping

If you be on the bed the whole time doing all your activities just there, your mind will stop associating that space with relaxation and sleep. This will make it hard for you to fall asleep and also keep your mind active about other thoughts.


04/8Don't take a bath

Don't take a bath

Of course, this sounds like an absurd reason, especially during summers when you'd want to take a shower before bedtime. But it is suggested to not take a bath before sleeping because your body temperature drops before bedtime. And since you take a bath, the hot water will only spike your body temperature and then it takes longer for your body to cool down. Hence, if you wish to fall asleep like a baby, avoid taking showers during bedtime.


05/8Stretch once you're up

Stretch once you're up

Once your alarm rings in the morning, sit up straight, clasp your hands in front of your body and stretch your body for the first 10 seconds. You can also curve your back and gentle give your head a tilt to both sides so as to get rid of all the stiffness from sleeping. This will wake you up really quick.


06/8Drink water as you wake up

Drink water as you wake up

Drinkign water before bedtime and first thing in the morning can actually do good to your body. It hydrates your body and kicks your body's metabolism into gear.


07/8Don't have your alarm clock at your arm's length

Don't have your alarm clock at your arm's length

If you have your alarm clock at an arm's length, it becomes easier to shut it off and go back to sleep. But if it's farther than your arm can reach, you don't have an option but to wake up and go all the way to shut down the alarm. This could work easy as a way to wake up quickly.


08/8Open the blinds

Open the blinds

Once you manage to get off the bed, you're still in a sleepy zone and so you need some light on your eyes to wake you up completely. This is when opening up the blinds for the sun to peek in helps the most. It sure might feel a little too much right after you're up, but works just fine. And if you're lazy enough to do it in the morning, keep the blinders open during the night, so that in the morning you wake up to bright light on your face.