01/5All you dessert lovers should try out these amazing sweet dishes this Diwali!

All you dessert lovers should try out these amazing sweet dishes this Diwali!

Stuffed Cham Cham: To begin with you need to make the chena. Boil 1 litre milk on a medium flame and add 20ml diluted lime juice and stir well until the milk curdles completely. Add cold water and strain through a muslin cloth. Knead and make oval shaped balls. Then boil 1 litre water with 500gm sugar to make a syrup. Add 5gm cardamom powder along with chena balls. Cook this for 8-10 minutes. Then take the cham cham out and cool it down. Mix 250gm khoya, 150gm desiccated coconut powder and 50gm powdered sugar along with some chopped pistachio. Cut the cham cham and add this stuffing to it. Garnish with desiccated coconut and serve it chilled.


02/5Multi-layered ghevar

Multi-layered ghevar

Make sugar syrup using 250gm sugar and 150ml water. Then take a bowl and mix 50gm flour, 5gm arrowroot powder and 30gm melted ghee. Add 200ml of water to this and whisk. Cool this batter. Then, place the ghevar ring in a kadhai and pour in some ghee until it reached 3/4th of the height of the mould. Heat the ghee and start adding batter into the mould. Repeat this step until you reach the top and make sure to make a hole in the batter with a wooden skewer. Once it's cooked, take it out and immerse it in sugar syrup. Then, drain it quickly and place on a serving plate.


03/5Saffron jalebi

Saffron jalebi

Mix 120gm maida, 5gm corn flour and 5gm curd in a bowl. Then add 5ml vinegar and water to it. Mix it well for a few minutes and then add 2gm baking soda. Pour this batter into tomato ketchup bottles (empty ones). Add some ghee to a frying pan and heat it. Then use the ketchup bottles to make round spirals of the batter. Cook it and turn it accordingly. Once done, drop the jalebis in sugar syrup with saffron for about 30 seconds. Remove and serve hot.


04/5Black sesame and amaranth laddu

Black sesame and amaranth laddu

Take about 25 gm sesame seeds and dry roast them. Then add 100gm Amaranth seeds and roast again for 3-4 minutes. When this mixture is slightly warm take it out and add 50gm grated jaggery and 15ml ghee and then mix well. Once done, roll the mixture into laddus. Leave them to settle before serving.


05/5Gulab jamun Cheesecake

Gulab jamun Cheesecake

Beat two egg yolks and then take 60gm sugar and mix it with 30gm water to make sugar syrup. Mix the eggs with the sugar syrup. In another bowl, whip 200gm non-dairy cream and 30gm mascarpone cheese. Then, mix 100 gm crushed gulab jamun in this cream. Crush 50gm digestive biscuits, add 30gm sugar and 50gm gulab jamun and mix it well. Pour this mixture in a mould and spread it evenly. Mix 10gm gelatin, 25gm water and mix in whipped cream. Pour this on top of the biscuit mixture. Leave it in the refrigerator to set for 3-4 hours. Use almond and pistachio flakes to garnish with before serving.