01/8These DIY face mists will help refresh your skin in no time

These DIY face mists will help refresh your skin in no time

Any woman who works in a city knows just how hazardous it is for her skin when she travels out in the polluted areas. Dirt, grime and smoke can all get clogged into your skin when you travel in the city and no matter how well you work on keeping your skin clean during your skincare routine, you're bound to end up with damaged skin. So, what can you do to reduce this damage as much as possible you ask? Keep your skin clean and fresh at all times. And one way to do that is to carry a homemade face mist with you wherever you go so that all you have to do is pull it out and spritz some on your face. After all, since we're going gaga over everything natural these days, why not try making the mist yourself? Not only will it contain all natural ingredients but it will also work well for your skin type. Take a look at these DIY face mists.


02/8Vanilla Chamomile Mist

Vanilla Chamomile Mist

While chamomile has a rather soothing effect on the nerves, vanilla can provide a de-stressing effect. You'll need 1 chamomile tea bag, 2 to 3 drops vanilla essential oil, 2 drops jojoba oil and distilled water. Add the chamomile tea bag to a cup of water and let it steep for an hour. Then fill the cooled tea in a mist bottle until it reaches three-quarters and add the rest of the ingredients.


03/8Lavender Peppermint Mist

Lavender Peppermint Mist

Take 1 peppermint tea bag and 2 to 3 drops lavender essential oil. You'll need to steep the tea bag in boiling water for an hour. Once the water cools down add the lavender oil and mix well. While peppermint has a cooling effect on the skin, lavender has healing properties.


04/8Calendula Aloe Mist

Calendula Aloe Mist

You'll need ¼ cup dried calendula flowers, 1 tbsp aloe vera juice and 1 or 2 drops of essential oil (your choice) for scent. Start by steeping the calendula flowers in a pot of water for at least 30 minutes. Strain the water and let it cool. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. This one will have incredible hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties.


05/8Rosewater Mist

Rosewater Mist

For this, you'll need 1 cup rose petals, 2 cups water and 5 to 10 drops geranium essential oil. To begin with, you'll need to boil the rose petals. Once they cool down, strain them and put them in your mist bottle. Pour the geranium essential oil into the bottle and shake well. Store this concoction in your refrigerator to keep it as chilled as possible.


06/8Cucumber Mist

Cucumber Mist

Take 1 chopped cucumber, 1/2 slice of lemon, 1 organic mint tea bag and 1/2 cup distilled water. First, blend the cucumber in a mixer until it turns into juice then add the lemon juice. Put the mint tea bag in hot water for some time and once it cools down add it to the mixture too. Pour all of this in a spray bottle and put it in the fridge for cooling.


07/8Aloe Vera Mist

Aloe Vera Mist

You'll need 3 tablespoons organic aloe vera gel, juice of ½ lime and 1/2 cup distilled water. All you need to do is mix all these ingredients well and then pour them into a spray bottle. Once done, store the bottle in your fridge and you're good to go.


08/8Green Tea Mist

Green Tea Mist

Green tea happens to be full of antioxidants, which makes it the ideal ingredient for a face mist. You'll need 2 cups boiling water, 2 green tea bags and 2 to 3 drops vitamin E oil. Steep these tea bags in boiling water for an hour. Once the water cools down, pour it into a spray bottle and add Vitamin E oil. Let it chill in the fridge.