01/9Inform yourself about these eco-friendly sanitary napkins and tampons in India

Inform yourself about these eco-friendly sanitary napkins and tampons in India

Using your usual sanitary pads can cause you more harm than you think it can. The plastic takes over 500 years to decompose. The scent in the pads can mess with your hormones and these regular pads can also give you rashes and discomfort. These are reasons enough for you to switch to eco-friendly sanitary napkins or tampons. If you think you cannot yet manage to use the menstrual cup and also don't want to keep using the regular pads, this is the time you switch to eco-friendly homegrown brands for your safety.




Manufactured in Korea, Nua pads are the ones you can customise based on your cycle. This basically means that you can make yourself a box of pads which can include super thin to heavy-flow pads according to your needs.




These sanitary pads are 100% bio-degradable, which have a strip that stops bacteria growth and odour. Not just that, these pads also improve immunity against infections and blood pressure. These pads are infused with medicinal herbs which help in relieving cramps as well as maintains the pH balance. To top it all, it also has a leak protection on both sides.


04/9Heyday Pads

Heyday Pads

Heyday pads are made using natural plant-based fibres of bamboo and corn. These sanitary pads are available in different variants according to your flow.


05/9Eco Femme

Eco Femme

Eco Femme doesn't only offer pads, but also help educate girls using the proceeds from the sales of these pads. They educate girls about menstrual health and also informs them about the reasons why washable pads can lead to a healthier period cycle.




Carmesi is a really well-known eco-friendly brand of pads in India. The founder of this brand, Tanvi Johri was inspired to make them after suffering from rashes for all her life.




Everteen is India's first intimate hygiene company that has a variety of products which are made from green ingredients. From applicator tampons, cotton-top sanitary pads, panty liners to creme hair remover, feminine hygiene wash to a lot of other products, Everteen has it all. Their pads feature a 100% cotton top, bio-degradable polymer gel, sterilised air-laid paper, medical-grade non-toxic glue and much more.




These pads are prepared with organic cotton that is certified by the GOTS and ICEA, both of which are global organic certifications. They assure that the raw material used is organic, from the tiniest of the seed to the finished product.


09/9Nurture pads

Nurture pads

These organic pads use hypoallergenic 100% natural cotton. They also have a silver-ion chip which helps you keep away from bacteria.