01/20Workplace etiquette that you need to follow religiously

Workplace etiquette that you need to follow religiously

Do you enjoy your work? Unlike most people, do you actually like waking up on Mondays? Well, while that may be a great thing for you, it might not be all that great for your workplace. What happens sometimes is that we tend to get a little too comfortable in some places and our workplace might be one of them. But of course, this doesn't mean that you can overstep boundaries. When you're at work, you have to maintain a certain decorum, so here are some workplace etiquette that you need to follow.


02/20Don't use the restroom to socialise

Don't use the restroom to socialise

It goes without saying that you shouldn't be making a mess in the restroom but what's worse than that is using the restroom to socialise. It is no place for you and your coworker to gossip about work or for you to have a long talk on a call with your mom. Don't make other people uncomfortable in there.


03/20Don't show up if you're ill

Don't show up if you're ill

One of the worst things you can do to your coworkers is coming to work when you're ill. It puts everyone around you at risk of falling ill too. And no one wants to hear you cough or sneeze all day long anyway, so do yourself and everyone else a favour and stay at home.


04/20Keep your phone/laptop on silent mode

Keep your phone/laptop on silent mode

This should go without saying that you need to keep your phone and laptop on silent when you're at work. If you get emails and notifications constantly the chimes your phone or laptop makes could disturb others which is why it's best to mute these devices.


05/20Pay attention during meetings

Pay attention during meetings

We understand that these can sometimes get boring and you might feel the need to send a mail or check your notifications during this time but the least you can do is pay attention to the person who is speaking. If you need to urgently take a call, excuse yourself and leave the room.


06/20Be a team player

Be a team player

If you always put yourself before someone else at your workplace then you might as well say goodbye to your career. If you're a part of a team then you absolutely need to learn how to be a team player. Whether or not you like someone, you're getting paid to get the work done so learn to put up with things anyway.


07/20Don't take too many breaks

Don't take too many breaks

Irrespective of how effective you are at doing your job, taking way too many breaks will only reflect badly on you. Sure, you might need to stretch your legs or take a coffee break but it shouldn't become bothersome to the people who are at their desk and have to fill-in for you while you're gone.


08/20Don't talk loudly on the phone

Don't talk loudly on the phone

Yes, even if that's a part of your job description, try not to be too loud when you're on a call with someone. Not only will it really annoy and disturb those around you, but people will also start thinking that you don't have basic manners. Try to find a corner or a room in which you can talk freely.


09/20Don't eat things that don't belong to you

Don't eat things that don't belong to you

If you open the fridge and see a really tempting looking sandwich and you know it doesn't belong to you then don't eat it. That's someone's lunch so it isn't fair that you eat it and don't leave anything for them. Not only is it super childish but it is also plain rude.


10/20Don't disturb people on the weekend

Don't disturb people on the weekend

If you work at a place where you get weekends off then by no means should you disturb someone on the weekend for a work-related thing. They have the right to enjoy their two days off in peace so wait until Monday to bring their attention to the issue.