01/8These beauty essentials are a must-have to make Valentine's Day extra special

These beauty essentials are a must-have to make Valentine's Day extra special

Nest Eau de Parfum in Black Tulip is a sexy and intoxicating scent you will definitely want to try this Valentine's Day. The warm floral aroma packs a punch. Black amber plum, patchouli, pink pepper and Japanese violet have also been added to the alluring blend. The perfume is inspired by works of 18th Century British artist Mrs Mary Delany. The creator wanted to translate art into delicious fragrances. If you are an art enthusiast, then you will definitely want to give this luxurious scent a try.


02/8Lip2cheek lip balm

Lip2cheek lip balm

The formula is both hydrating and helps offer your lips protection. Best of all, it has a tantalizing smell. You can use it on its own or apply a light layer of skin balm before you apply the lip2cheek. This multi-purpose product can also be used as an eye shadow and can work for all skin types.


03/8Amour de Palazzo Jul et Mad Paris

Amour de Palazzo Jul et Mad Paris

The perfume contains an irresistible blend perfect for a special day like Valentine's day. It has floral and woody notes that are absolutely seductive. Your date won't be able to resist this fragrance's intoxicating scent.


04/8Earth Tu Face Travel Wash

Earth Tu Face Travel Wash

This face wash is refreshing and removes all the dirt and grime off your face. Its gentle formula is made with organic ingredients. Plant oil is saponified to get a nice natural foam. The petals of Ylang Ylang and Palmarosa help treat oily and dry skin and olive oil helps keep the skin hydrated. Keep this handy on your romantic day, as you can use it anywhere when you need to freshen up.


05/8Baby Foot Peel

Baby Foot Peel

Let's face it, on Valentine's Day we all want to look good from head to toe. So give your feet a nice spa treatment with this peel so they will be smooth and clean to show off. If you are planning to wear strappy sandals, then you will definitely want to spend some time with this treatment. Best of all you only 10 minutes to give this a try.


06/8Drunk Elephant A-Passioni Retinol Cream

Drunk Elephant A-Passioni Retinol Cream

Dermatologists say retinol is a must use if you want bouncy and soft skin. This is a product you'll want to start using today to look flawless on Valentine's Day.Drunk Elephant's retinol cream is loaded with goodness to make your skin brighter, tighter and softer. Apply this product on your skin daily at night. The blend of Vitamin F and oils helps to keep your skin hydrated and reduce redness.


07/8Glam Glow Fizzy Lip Treatment

Glam Glow Fizzy Lip Treatment

This sugar lip scrub will give you sweet kissable lips in no time. It also helps get rid of dead skin on your lips and provides moisture to smoothen it out. The formula is a tropical fruit blend of sweet almond oil, guava, cherimoya, star Fruit, lychee, teaoxi Moroccan mint leaf. Now who could resist such a delicious mix?


08/8Hinoki Body Lotion

Hinoki Body Lotion

One of the reasons this lotion is perfect for Valentine's Day is because its scent lasts all day. Buddhist temples of Mount Koya in Japan are the inspiration behind this soothing and tantalizing scent. So if you and your partner are planning to spend the whole day together, this will guarantee to keep you smelling fresh. What's more is it is very moisturizing. The plant-based formula is packed with avocado, shea butter and coconut oil that all works to hydrate and nourish your skin while repairing any damage.