01/6Want to get pregnant? These tips will come in handy

Want to get pregnant? These tips will come in handy

Getting pregnant is nothing like they show you in the movies. You don't just sleep with your partner and end up pregnant the next day. Pregnancy is a lot more complex than that and involves multiple factors and a lot of planning too. Sometimes even despite all that, couples fail in conceiving. So, if you're trying to get pregnant then we suggest you pay attention to these tips that could possibly help you out. Take a look.

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02/6Keep a track of your monthly cycle

Keep a track of your monthly cycle

For those uninitiated, a woman's menstrual cycle lasts for 28 days and it is often during the 14th day that ovulation occurs. This is the process where ovaries release an egg that can be fertilised by sperm. And the chance of pregnancy increases by a significant margin if you have intercourse during this time. So, mark the dates and try to keep a track of your cycle.


03/6Quit unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking

Quit unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking aren't just terrible for your health but can also seriously affect your reproduction skills. Smoking can lead to a reduction in sperm count in men whereas drinking can affect the libido in both men and women and can also increase chances of infertility.


04/6Eat a healthy diet

Eat a healthy diet

You must also pay attention to what you're eating. When you consume healthy and nutritious foods like proteins, nuts and vegetables etc, it increases your fertility thus, increasing your chances of getting pregnant. The bottom line is that it helps.


05/6Follow a proper sleep schedule

Follow a proper sleep schedule

Sleep can also play a rather important role in helping you conceive. Lack of sleep has been associated with a lower rate of fertility in both men and women. And this obviously reduced your chances of conception. So make sure to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night.


06/6Don't opt for super strenuous workouts

Don't opt for super strenuous workouts

Even if you're a health and fitness freak you have to understand that certain life choices could affect your ability to conceive. Strenuous workouts could interfere with ovulation and this could mess up your chances of conception.