01/5Did you know these foods can cause kidney stones?

Did you know these foods can cause kidney stones?

Even though you may not take it very seriously, kidney stones can prove to be rather life-threatening if not prevented or taken care of appropriately. They're often caused when substances such as calcium oxalate, uric acid, and cystine start forming in large quantities in the urine and do not get dissolved. While experts suggest that the best way to keep kidney stones at bay is to drink plenty of water, there are also a lot of foods that you must avoid consuming. Yes, there are some foods that can cause kidney stone so if you're prone to this problem, it's best you avoid consuming these foods.




Beetroots are rich in oxalate which often binds to calcium during digestion and can thus increase one's risk of forming kidney stones. This is also why people who generally have a risk of developing kidney stones or gall stones are often advised against consuming too much beetroot.




Much like beetroots, kale also happens to be packed with oxalate which means it can easily increase your risk of developing kidney stones. So, you must also make sure that you do not consume too much kale or it can make things worse for you.




Peanuts are super low in calories and very rich in fibres which is why they're often enjoyed as a snack. However, consuming peanuts can apparently cause oxalate nephropathy which occurs when oxalate crystals are formed and deposited in the kidneys. This can lead to inflammation and can also cause injury in your kidneys.


05/5Black beans

Black beans

Although legumes are thought of as highly nutritious foods, black beans can still lead to certain issues in the kidney since they're also high in oxalate content. However, studies have shown that boiling these in water can significantly reduce oxalate levels as must of it is washed away with the water.