01/5These hairstyles will work wonders for you this summer season

These hairstyles will work wonders for you this summer season

Summer is coming! Well, to be honest, it's practically already here and if there's one thing that accompanies the summer season, it's that dreaded heat. Having short hair or shoulder length hair makes it a lot easier to manage during the summer season but that doesn't mean it still doesn't feel like a nuisance when it's all in your face. Plus, most people also think that it's more difficult to style short hair so they end up leaving it open anyway. So, if you're someone who has short hair and is looking for a few ways to style your hair to help keep you comfy and looking stylish, here are some hairdos you should opt for.


02/5Baby bun

Baby bun

While you may think that you cannot possibly pull off a sleek bun look with short hair, trust us that's not true at all. Just pull all your hair into a sleek ponytail first and then twist it into a cute baby bun. Trust us, it's going to look just as glamorous as it would on someone with long hair. Spritz on some hair spray to keep all your hair in place.


03/5Ponytail with a twist

Ponytail with a twist

This one is an ultra-chic hairstyle that will work wonders for you if you're opting for a formal look. Just part your hair in the way you want and then take a section of hair on each side and twist it all the way until you reach the back of your head. Secure the sections with bobby pins and then tie your hair into a sleek ponytail.


04/5Half updo

Half updo

The half-up-half-down hairstyle has been making trends for quite some time now and we've even spotted a number of B-town celebs sport the hairstyle. All you have to do is divide your hair into two horizontal halves and then tie the upper half into a bun. You could even pull out a few hair strands from ahead to help frame your face.


05/5Double braids

Double braids

Double braids, also known as boxer braids look amazing on short hair. For this look, you'll have to divide your hair into two sections and then either opt for a Dutch braid or a French braid on either side. Braid your hair all the way until you reach the bottom and then tie the braids using hair ties.